Christmas Day Hunt..

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by MollyWhop, Dec 25, 2010.

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    Well all of my hunting partners were doing the Christmas thing this morning so I figured a lot of other people were doing the same as well. I loaded up and headed out this morning and finished setting up my little spread right about shooting hours. It didn't take me long to get my limit this morning (shoulda had some more guns), but I'm glad I got out of bed. On the way back home I was thinking to myself about my 6 birds and figure it was nearly a perfect limit. The only way it could have been better would have been to of traded in one of the sprigs for a black duck drake. But anyhow I just thought I would share the picture with all of you guys that got hemmed up by your old ladies this morning and couldn't hunt..:razz:

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    T-bone will cry when he see's this. I meant to ask ya if you gave that ole girl a ring yet? I figured it was bout time. Just keep me informed.

  3. MollyWhop

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    If T-bone had went we would have had 4 brownies and 2 hen pintails in the picture then. That boy loves shootin girls...:fit::fit:
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    Good hunt!!! :up:
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    Sweet limit!

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    Bout as good as t gets:up:
  8. Pretty good lookin limit right there! :up:
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    Nice limit there congrats.
  10. sunny b

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    ataboy Jake!:up:
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    Picked you out some pretty Christmas presents!
  12. Pretty! Many years ago before I got married, my brother and I always went duck hunting on Christmas morning. Well, we continued that for a while after I was married. However, after my little girl was born, we went one Christmas with the promise to be home early. Well the mallards started working as we were about to pick up decoys, so we stayed for a while and had a memorable hunt. When I got home, my little girl was crying because she couldn't open presents and my wife was on the warpath. Glad I got to hear about your hunt and see those great pics. I just stay around on Christmas morning (now with the grandkids) and watch them have fun.