CHL holders....finally, now we can!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by dbo, Jan 10, 2008.

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    GREAT news from (Arkansas Concealed Carry Assococation):

    Sorry I'm unable to post a link..< 15 posts but here is the story:


    SUCCESS! After eight months of negotiations with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and the Arkansas State Police, ARCCA is very pleased to announce another victory for concealed handgun licensees. On December 20th, 2007, the AG&FC voted to allow the following privileges for all concealed carriers:

    1. May carry your concealed handgun during any hunting season (archery, muzzleloader, rifle, deer, turkey, dove, etc.)

    2. May carry your concealed handgun on any WMA that is not restricted by federal law

    3. The threshold for revocation or denial of a CHL has been raised from "any violation involving the use of a weapon", to the accumulation of at least 18 violation points that must have occurred due to violations involving a hunting instrument (rifle, muzzleloader, etc.). It takes a severe violation such as poaching to reach this threshold...having an extra dove over your limit will not result in your license being revoked. These changes take effect on January 20th, 2008.

    The AG&FC will require that you carry your license at all times and immediately present your CHL if stopped by a Game & Fish officer.

    Many thanks to Executive Director, Grant Exton and former commissioner of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and current ARCCA Board of Advisor member, Mike Freeze. Without their exhaustive efforts, this success could have never been realized.

    I checked the AGFC site but nothing there I could find yet. It'll be interesting to see if/when they publicize it.

    Either way, good news so far...hopefully it holds up. :thumb:
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    That sounds great to me! :thumb: But I didn't know that a G&F violation would mean that you lost your CC privileges? :confused:


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    .270, I bet that means the ability to carry while hunting or on WMA's?
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    You may be right. I don't remember my instructor saying anything about game violations, but I could be wrong. I figure as long as I keep on the right side of the law I don't have anything to worry about anyway. :thumb:

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    That's great news.