Child Riding Toy Recommendations

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by deltabowhunter, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. deltabowhunter

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    The wife and I are on the fence about getting our 2 year old a riding toy for Christmas. He is 26 months today. We're thinking about getting him a gator like they sell at Walmart, but we're unsure if he's big enough yet. For others parents out there what age did you purchase your child their first battery powered riding toy?
  2. JohnnieWalker

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    Just put my son's new gator together yesterday. It took a while! He's 31 months old. It's reccommended for ages 3-8. He's going to flip out when he sees it!

    Real 4 wheeler manufacturers reccommend riders be 16 years old to operate. I couldn't imagine if my parents had stuck to that. There would have been a lot of boring days at the deer camp.

  3. cdgolden

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    Our 4 1/2 year old received a John Deere Gator for his 2 yr birthday. In my opinion and experience, they are a great gift. We "locked" it into the slow gear for several months so he could understand and react to his driving. From our experience, the only problem we experienced is the battery. The battery life slowly fades away. Now, the gator has been modified with a marine battery in the bed. Now, it's no problem for our 4 yr old along with this little brother to ride all day long or at least till they get tired of riding.
  4. keeb

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    My 2 year old has a miniature electric 4 wheeler and he can ride it very good. It only goes 2.5 mph and has reverse; I think it's a Fisher Price.

    My 5 year old has the electric Yamaha Raptor with the low (2.5 mph), High (5 mph) and reverse. It goes 5 mph and he loves it. I have bought him a 50cc gas 4 wheeler but I don't think he is just quite ready for that one yet.
  5. deltabowhunter

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    Thanks guys. Honestly, we will probably end up getting him one. He is ate up with riding on the Ranger. It is only a little over a year old and has almost 1300 miles on it. About 900 of those were riding him around. Every time he sees his cousin's gator he says "Ranger! I want to ride Ranger!" I wish they did make a Ranger, but they only make the Rzr and we want him to have a dump bed.
  6. Veo

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    I have a 8 year old and 3 year old, both got theirs at 2. one got a Gator and One a Police car, both loved from from the get go.
  7. gsb77

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    Get one that has both high and low speed.
  8. webbtoes

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    With twins I got 2 jd tractors with wagons At 2yo. At 4 they are just ready for it but I m still not.Wore my butt out chasing them down the other night:eek:
  9. marshmallow

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    I have a 4yr old & 7yr old. Both have had electric 4wheelers since they were 2. My 7yr old has literally wore out 3 of them. He can tear up a railroad track with a marshmallow.