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  1. Obama flew to Africa on a goodwill mission. He had the rare opportunity to visit a remote tribe that had had very little contact with the outside world.

    Some bold explorers had, however related to them much about their famous visiting leader, chief Obama. He stood up to address the tribe and promised he would be sending American aid. In unison the whole tribe cheered waving their arms in the air and shouting "huzanga, huzanga"!

    He also promised clean drinking water, clean air and fat herds of goats and cattle. After every promise the people enthusiastically shouted "huzanga, huzanga". They were still shouting "huzanga, huzanga" over and over to the beat of drums and playing of flutes as he finished speaking.

    The interpreter walked with Obama and praised him for a great, encouraging speech. "Mr. President these people have cattle roaming everywhere, so be careful not to step in a big pile of huzanga".
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  4. So now I suppose we can use the term "HUZANGA" interchangeably?:rolleyes: