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    Im looking for a new lease that has some big bucks in it. Im not talkin about 110 or 120 class either. im talking 140 and above. I use to be in a lease over in dumas with my grandpaw. It was one of those high dollar leases. I got 2800 to drop to get in one. The lease's im in now are just not doin anything for me. Im tired of spikes and littles one gettin killed. I wanna be able to get on my stand a see deer and if i happen to see a good buck i don't wanna go in the next day and there be 10 people there bc i got a good buck, like they think there's gonna be another one come out. I can honestly say i havent'killed a buck in 5 years because i try to let them grow. but when i pass on them some :censored: likes to shoot the illegals which now never will have a chance to grow. Im tired of it. Im goin to spend a good chunk to hunt good deer. i have a camp on the arkansas river and live close to there as well and would prefer a lease over that way. if anyone has an opening that way or knows of a lease please let me know. Thanks in advance and have a merry christmas
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