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I know alot of people shoot the cheap German/russian ammo like brown bear and wolf to just plink in their pistols and ak's and ar's. I was wondering of their was a cheap foreign shotgun ammo equivalent? Looking to stock up if so just to plink with. Thanks

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That's 6 bucks a box. That's not that cheap
To me. Is there not a foreign made cheap shell like brown bear or wolf except for shotguns? Just wondering
That's about as good as you'll do in this age. You ain't gonna find $1.99 shells like I bought when I started hunting back in
the 70's.

In the past I have seen Wolf shotgun shells advertised with bird shot but haven't seen any in a while. About all I see now is 00 Buck and 1oz slugs. They are comparatively priced to Winchester, Federal and Remington that you can pick up at your local Wal Mart or gun shop.
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