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Cheap Stands!!!

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Hey everybody, i was wondering where everyone bought there stands...(box stands) from and how much...lookin to buy a new one in a hurry and thot id ask...need some recomendations....other than hunting from my summit climbers.. which i love : )
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I like getting up and down ladder stands better, but feel more secure in hanging stands for some reason. I would get a Gorilla at Wal-Mart and a set of climbing sticks for it.
I'm looking for a used box stand myself in a hurry. Not proving to be very easy this time of year.
I have one purchased from a guy just north of Sheridan on 167. Not priced to bad. Couple others on here have bought from him and are very satisfied.

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There are some on the side of 67/167 almost to Cabot but they just have a phone number on them I believe.

I can't believe some of the low prices I've seen on feeders and stands at Academy and other places. I can't remember them being this low until after the season.
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