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Charles Daley Shotguns

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Anyone here have one or heard any positives or negatives about this
shotgun. I am looking for a youth 20 gauge for rabbit hunting and really don't
want to spend a lot of money considering it probably won't see a lot of use.
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I've got a CD 12ga 3 1/2 auto..........with 2 3/4in loads...ya can't even feel the recoil!!!
2 of my buddies had them and the stocks cracked on both of them after a couple years.....I would not buy one.
I don't own one my self but I have 2 co-workers that do. One has a two 20 GA. auto loaders one for his wife and one for his son. He swears by them to be the best auto on the market for the money. The other has a 31/2 12 GA. pump he is also very happy with his. I wouldn't be afraid to buy one
My dad has had one since the 70's its a A-5 knock off. Shoots like a dream I have never had a problem with it and neither has he. However it is a heavy SOB It would be a good buy
Maw in law bought one for Paw in law, 'twas a over-under, and it still makes him happy. Charles Daily is just an importer (I think) so the different models are made by different companies.
Around here we call them Charles Maybe shotguns.
Some people have them and swear by them and others have had them but wouldn't give you a nickel for another one.
I have no personal experience with the autos but have shot a 20ga. pump. It was a sweet feeling gun and the action was fairly smooth but several of us shot it and all of us seemed to hit low. It only stayed at the house one weekend and got swapped for something else.
Personally, I got a used but in mint. condition 20ga. 870 pump for $175 last year and I wouldn't trade it for nothing.
Thanks for all of the comments. My wife has a 870 20 gauge youth I bought her for a V-Day present. I have been borrowing it. It is definately a sweet gun and I may just get another.

I keep hearing how Remington's quality is going down the tube due to having foreigners make there stuff and stamping the Remington name on it. I thought I would shop a few other brands.
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