Chad Morris!

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  1. austincrutchfield

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    I like the hire, and was surprised to see this

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  2. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member

    Why surprised? As bad as he ended up being as the Arkansas coach, BB was always a class act guy. He left with class and he'll stay that way.

  3. austincrutchfield

    austincrutchfield Well-Known Member

    He was always a classy guy, and one of the nicest around it seemed. I just didn't expect to see him congratulate Morris. Which is why it surprised me, even though it shouldn't have
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  4. hunter34

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    This man is going to bring excitement back to the football team. Jones wanted both of these men at arkansas. When you are a huge booster you have a lot of pull. And from what I hear our new ad tried to hire Morris at Houston but it fell through. So this only makes since. This man has coached with the best. Learned from the best. And in my eyes the #1 man for the job. I can't think of anyone else available I would have rather had. Just my oppinion. I may eat crow. But I will say woo pig...... And let's give this man a chance... don't get all bumbed out guys. He hasn't even coached a game. Let's make him feel welcome. And support him...
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  5. R6mm

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    N. Texas
    Agree. Just hope his middle name's not..."Bert"...;)
  6. jthrash09

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    This may be old news but for any of you that had your heart set on Gus if it makes you feel better I just found out Chad Morris learned the blueprint of his offense from Gus while Gus was at Springdale and he was coaching High School football in TX. Said he actually came to Arkansas and spent time with Gus to learn his offense. Like I said maybe old news for most but thought I’d share.

    I also agree with most I feel good about the hire I think he has the connections to recruit and we know he has a system that puts up points and has been proven in the SEC and ACC so I think the big key to all this for the hogs to be successful is who is gonna be D-coordinator and are they gonna be able to put a product on the field that won’t get you beat when your offense puts up 35+ in a game bc we lived first hand with BP you can’t out score everyone
  7. No-till Boss

    No-till Boss Well-Known Member

    When he is all said and done here, he will end up making at least as much or more per year than BB ......things don’t go backwards.
  8. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    If he wins, he’ll probably make more, and I’m fine with that.
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  9. No-till Boss

    No-till Boss Well-Known Member

    They will add a year to his contract anyway......that is how the game is played.
  10. hawgpharm

    hawgpharm Well-Known Member

    Wait a minute, I thought we were #uncommon?
  11. hawgpharm

    hawgpharm Well-Known Member

    Surprised? You pay me $30 million over 5 years to suck at my job, including almost $12 million just to leave, and I will say anything you want. Ol' Bert is set for life because of Long and the UA.
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  12. bayman1975

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    First off, an incoming coach doesn’t have to honor existing scholarships. He can pull and offer scholarships to who ever he thinks can work in his system. Second, most quarterbacks are high caliber athletes, and can be moved to other positions, including defense, if the new coach feels the team is better served.
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  13. stick n string

    stick n string Well-Known Member

    Does he ride a Harley though?
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  14. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    I hear he likes squirrel hunting with a Sako .22 rifle.
  15. stick n string

    stick n string Well-Known Member

    I bet he’s too good to shoot a wood duck when there’s no mallards.
  16. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    I bet he can afford to shoot fat pen raised mallards.
  17. dspeakes

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  18. curdog1

    curdog1 Well-Known Member

    I hope he only enjoys football. Everyday all day.
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  19. hawgpharm

    hawgpharm Well-Known Member

    Explosive high tempo offense, best defensive coordinator in the country and best special teams in the country? That all sounds great, and I hope it's true, but I'll need to see it on the field.

    Bert said a lot of crap like that too. Of course, he is also an idiot. Well, maybe not an idiot. He got $30 million out of the UA for nothing. He or his agent did a good job in that scam.
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  20. ArkGirl

    ArkGirl Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I hope those kids sitting in those seats were paying attention and see this for the opportunity he presents. If not...I hope they move on.
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