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  1. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    Ever met any? If so, who? :up:
  2. Hill Farm Hunter

    Hill Farm Hunter Well-Known Member

    Met George Straight years ago at the Holiday Inn in Jonesboro. I was still in High School. He signed autagraphs for a bunch of us kids that were there setting up for the prom. He signed the inside of my boots, guess I should have kept them.:smack:

    Played pool with Travis Tritt once at a club in Jonesboro. He won.

    Got to shake hands with George Bush (the older one) at Little Rock. He gave a great speech at a convention I was at.

    Can't think of anyone else.

  3. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    Should of kept the boots! $$$ on Ebay.
  4. rjet

    rjet Well-Known Member

    Dont you mean decades ago?:fit:
  5. Drank beer with then Gov. Clinton at Riverfest many years ago. We sat at a beer garden behind the Exclesior Hotel. Wonder where he went when we left :rolleyes:
  6. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    Met Boom Boom Wheeler from the Harlem Globetrotters up at a state park in Ill.
  7. Hill Farm Hunter

    Hill Farm Hunter Well-Known Member

    Yep, a couple of them.
  8. I shook hands with Lorne Green once at the State Fair.

    Once when then-gov. Bill Clinton entered a room I didn't stand for him, and got "the eye" from Hilllary. Now, I know that it's the office that's honored, not the holder. I was a bit edgier, then.

  9. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    I've met BG12 and A-bolt. :thumb:
    Actually, I've met Hank Jr. at a sporting goods store in AL one time. That was a pretty cool chance meeting.
  10. JR

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    I've met several, but too many to list.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Met Willie & Waylon and the Boys, years ago down in Texas at one of Willie's Infamous Birthday parties....Hank Jr and David Allen Coe were there too!!!!! Talk about some Crazy people....they were so messed up it wasn't funny, but we were kinda loose our selves:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. Met Hillary's husband while he was still govenor. He came to speak at a chip mill grand opening we had designed just down the road from Arkansas Kraft paper co. at Oppello near Morrilton. My bunch were eating and I saw him and said "there's Bill" and he came over and talked. One of the few things he did I agreed with was to sign the home schooling law into effect because we homeschooled ours.

    Funny part was a girl that worked for me complained to him about the potholes in our road. The next week the county showed up and patched them.:smack:

    My brother met Marty Robbins at an airport in Texas. My bro was with a group of other airmen waiting for a plane. Jimmy said that's Marty Robbins the other guys said "is not"! Jimmy hollered Hey Marty! And he came right over and talked with all of them. He was always one of my favorites and had a great voice.
  13. ryanh_johnson

    ryanh_johnson Well-Known Member

    met Tom Cruise once in a mexican restaraunt in New Mexico.....sat beside his table while eating.....he is a little dude!
  14. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    Come on, tell us, it cant be that many.
  15. JR

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    Most of them are NASCAR drivers but here's a few; Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Rusty Wallace, Carl Edwards, Kurt & Kyle Busch, Steve Park, Kyle Petty, Bill Elliott, Robbie Gordon, Robert Pressley, Ken Schrader, Jack Roush, Todd Bodine, Stacey Compton, Ted Musgrave, Kenny Wallace, Bill & Gail Davis, David Reutiman, Dave Blaney, Mike Bliss, "Chocolate" Myers, "Bootie" Barker, Johnny Benson and several other NASCAR drivers, Bill & Hillary (When he was running for governor, and I wasn't that impressed with them then either.) Gov. Frank White, Senator David Pryor, Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt, Senator Dale Bumpers, Gov. Mike Huckabee with his wife Janet. Roland Martin, Kevin McReynolds, Sweethearts of the Rodeo,
    Ty England, and Wade Hayes
  16. BUCKSHOT_106

    BUCKSHOT_106 Well-Known Member

    I met a few college baseball players that went on to the majors. My cousin Clint Brannon played for the RAZORBACKS a few years ago. Anybody ever heard of him?
  17. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    You were right, that's quite a list. Thank ya.
  18. flintknapper

    flintknapper Moderator/smokepole pimp

    Good one, Tommy, I like your style! Anybody who has earned an evil eye from Hitlery can't be all bad! :thumb:

    As for me, Joe Walsh came to our museum once, yeah, I know :snooze:
  19. firehog

    firehog Well-Known Member

    I would have loved to been in your shoes on that one.

    I worked for convention center down in Alexandria LA on my days off and got to meet a bunch of country stars, George Strait, Randy Travis, Kathy Matia, LL Cool J, Reba, Hank Jr, Garth on his first concert, didn't know him, and he helped us unload his old bus and set up the equipment, then he came out and sang and rocked the house his first time out in a big concert, he stayed after the closing act and signed autographs and then helped load the bus back. I worked Reba's concert and it was the last concert her then band that all got killed in the plane crash, like two weeks later. Most times the band sets up there equipment and we would help, it was weird having just worked with them and then they were gone. \

    Was working in a gas station in high school and we got several wrestlers from memphis stop in before their matches, and some I recall was Jerry the King Lawler, Dusty Rhoades, Andy Coffman, Randy the Macho Man Savage, he was a nut, he would come in and I would ask him something most everytime and he would reply, Yeaaaaahh Maaaaaan. You would have to know him to understand what I am talking about.