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  1. Whitetail Chaser

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    you and I ought to write a book on How not to Kill a Deer. Just a thought I had while sitting in the stand this morning. So far no sightings of the elusive whitetail. Lol. Have seen squirrels doves and woodpeckers. All in all a pretty nice morning. Gonna pull cards in a little while and see that I shoulda been here a daylight. Lol.
  2. :fit: yeah maybe we should. I wonder what we could call it? :banghead:
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  3. Whitetail Chaser

    Whitetail Chaser Well-Known Member

    Dunno. I'll let u come up with the title. Lol. Maybe my luck is fixing to change. Squirrels r barking at something. Maybe hopefully its a deer.
  4. I think it should be called "How to lose weight in camo."
  5. goog luck. Hope you get one. :up:
  6. Hey I would like to be a co-author on the book as well.

    My wife has nick-named me the World's Worst Deer Hunter. And like the World's most interesting Man (in the beer commerical), I have come up with my own slogan--"Stay Loaded my Friend"
  7. east lake and whitetail, I think we have a book here. Trust me, I will have plent of time in the stand until wed to write a book. I mean, its not like there will be any deer around my stand to interupt me, :fit:
  8. Whitetail Chaser

    Whitetail Chaser Well-Known Member

    I feel ya bro. I think things are fixing to change though. Just have that feeling. :up:
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    Yep, had that same feeling............for 6 years.
  10. I have the same feeling. I am thinking saturday will be the day for me. I am really looking forward to it. I even talked my dad and my little brother into coming with me. This is both of their first year to bow hunt. Plus it will be the first time EVER that all of us are hunting together. We are going to try one spot in the morning and another in the afternoon. Of course the afternoon, I will be in my swamp area. The morning we are trying a new spot all together. Both of them are out here by my house. I am excited about the day.
  11. Whitetail Chaser

    Whitetail Chaser Well-Known Member

    Cool. Hope it works out for ya. Me I'm gonna try and get one on video this evening.
  12. good luck brother, hope you get one.
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    Good luck to yall. I been there several times myself.Cant ever give up.
  14. I won't give up that I can promise you I don't care if it takes me to the last day of season. I WILL kill a deer.
  15. Whitetail Chaser

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  16. possum

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    I might be good for a chapter or two myself. :down:
  17. Whitetail Chaser

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    How about this "Deer meat its not whats for Dinner" :banghead:
  18. :fit: :fit: :fit: :fit: :fit:
  19. Or how about "Still Hunters or Slow Hikers"
  20. how about "I haven't put my shaft in some meat all year long" :fit: