CCW on College Campuses?

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  1. In light of another recent college campus shooting, NIU, do you think there will continue to be firearm backlash or a push toward less-restricting gun laws against law abiding citizens. Obviously the gun-free college zone isn't working and is making students more viable targets for crazy wackos.

    I personally, have no problem with Tom, Dick, or Harry, who've passed a concealed weapons class toting at college.

    If another Virginia Tech or North Illinois came up, they could shoot back at the psycho and stop it before 15-30 people get shot and/or killed.

    What say you?
  2. ArkArcher

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    That is exactly what I told my wife last night when we were watching the story about this one the news. I said "if they would allow CCP holders to carry on campus, its a pretty high possibility that someone in the room would have had a side arm and when this guy could have got off one or two shots before being taken out." :smack:

    I'm all for it. Although do you think they ought to standardize the CCP class and shooting test in order to make sure people are being thoroughly tested? I've heard (on here I think) of people that had no business carrying a side arm getting their permit. I think there ought to be a standardized format that ever instructor should follow. What are ya'lls thoughts on that? :confused:

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    My dad's cousin is a teacher at NIU, he's alright thank God, but that's all I know at this time. I agree I think that responsible students & teachers that are able to pass a standardized Nationwide CCW course then they should be able to carry. Furthermore I have no problem with some high school teachers carrying. The idea of banning weapons in certain places is not working. The only people that are following those rules are the law abiding citizens. I think that its time that the gun owners of this Nation take a stand and demand that our voices be heard. Quit hiding behind the NRA and other organizations. They do serve their purposes, don't get me wrong, but I think that if all of the gun owners would band together as one voice we would be heard a lot better than a few people typing their opinions on a message board.
  4. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Gun free zones are criminal safe haven zones.

  5. buckhorn

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    There is one serious problem with the ideas you guys are proposing.

    "They make sense":smack:

    Seems like in todays society anything that makes sense is strongly apposed by a seemingly senseless world.
  6. JR

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    Of course it makes sense, we're not "sheeple". :biggrin:
  7. Mr. Chitlin

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    The soccer mom's would crap down both legs if they knew someone was CCW'ing on a college campus, or any school campus for that matter.

  8. JR

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    This idea would go over like a lead balloon in California, New York, Massachusetts, and any other liberal State or city.
  9. They'll probably crap even more than that getting a phone call that their baby at NIU, VT, or some other unnamed future college just got gunned down by a psycho.

    So there are two options here:

    Be scared about something that will probably never, negatively affect your kid (CCW carryers on campus)


    Be scared that you're going to get the dreaded, your son/daughter was gunned down today by a wack-job.
  10. JR

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    But they always scream that the police will be there to protect them, that's what they are for right. :rolleyes:
  11. ArkArcher

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    Here is my question.....

    If I were in college again, and just so happened to have a gun in my backpack and someone ran into my class and started shooting, but before anyone was killed I was able to pull out my gun and take the gunman out....

    How much trouble would I get in??

    I would get sued by the gunman’s parents and family beyond all belief and would make the news as a criminal because I "disobeyed the law" by carrying a gun on campus. None of the students in the class families would take my side at all because it wasn't a big deal.....BEACUSE none of their kids got hurt.

    I guarantee you this is how it would go down. That is how backward America is right now.

    I bet there would even be a candle light vigil for the gunman. :mad: :mad:

    When will America straighten up!

    How dumb, stupid, idiotic, moronic, foolish is it that our law makers/leaders think that if we make our schools a "gun free zone" that all of a sudden, CRIMINALS and MURDERERS will all of a sudden start following the rules and laws if they step foot on a college campus? I swear, our leaders are so blinded by "political correctness" that they can't see where America is and what a unethical, criminal sustaining country we have become. I'm about sick of it and I am about to the point where I'm going to carry my pistol whether or not I have a CCP. :mad:
  12. JR

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    I know how you feel man.
  13. Mr. Chitlin

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    Any time there is a crime committed, there are 3 parties involved, the victim, the criminal, and the police. Who is the last one to show up??
  14. Down on the White

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    Up and who is usually to blame the victim. The criminal is usually misguided and not really a bad person. And should the victim survive he is the on who will get arrested. Only in America.
  15. JR

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    Yea except for the ones that people say "I always thought that he was a little strange, but I didn't think that he would do anything like that." :smack:
  16. CP

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    Guess I will be the odd-man-out on this one....:rolleyes: daughter is in a class of a hundred or so, is a crowded classroom. Some dude pulls a gun and starts ten or twenty students pull their piece and start blazing away. Now you got a whole bunch of dummies that are scared :censored: , plinking away in close quarters, with at most, limited training, a few scored shots at a paper target, and a short class on firearms.

    Carry in the woods is fine...not in a classroom where there could be many more hurt by flying lead in all directions.

    But that is MO only.:cool:
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    These girls could sure have helped. If only some of the facility were allowed to secretly carry. Nobody would have to know. Remember the woman at the church in Texas? She confronted the shooter and took him out. Saved no telling how many lives. She is highly trained though. I believe she is a former police officer.

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  18. The odds that that many students have passed a CCW class, have a permit, are actually carrying while on campus, all in the same class is incredibly high.

    You probably have 99.9% better chance that one of those 100 students in your daughter's class, wigs out and goes to town on people in the class that are completely unarmed.
  19. bayman1975

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    Having firearms on a college campus is probably not a good idea. I work everyday on a university campus as the Safety Supervisor/Emergency Services Coordinator, and we're in a different world here. It's not like being in a city/town environment. There are a multitude of cultures crammed into one small area. Are there people on campus that are competent enough to carry a consealed weapon? Yes. Are there people that don't need to be within a hundred feet of a firearm? Yes. But, the bulk of the people you don't know about. And, that's the scary part. There are discussions going on everyday about the psychological condition of students across campus. But, who can say whether a student, faculty, or staff member is competent. College campuses are high stress areas. People snap, at times.

    Right now, in Arkansas, it's illegal to have a firearm on State property. That means on your person, in your vehicle, dorm room, office, apartment, or where ever. We have armed police officers on campus, who are trained in "Active Shooter", and any other tactical situation that could arise, and we have the city, county, and state law enforcement agencies to support us. We have the technology to shut down communications between multiple assailants, and mount a response with the latest tactical weaponry.

    We take this type of situation very seriously. After the Virginia Tech incident, I was called to the Executive Council meeting to answer their questions about how we are dealing with this possibility. Unfortunately, something like can not be prevented. You could put armed guards and metal detectors at every door in every building, and it would still happen. Universities and Colleges are meant to be open environments. They can't function in a "lockdown" mode.
  20. Ike Brown

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    This months Guns & Ammo had a artical about a student org that is gaining more support every day to be able to carry on campus