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    what's the best route to take to get Cisco certified?
  2. Depends on your experience in networking, primarily in routing and switching. If you have never worked in a network environment, then might want to consider the CCENT first. As far as study material, there are a lot of options, but my opinion is to stick with the Cisco official study guides or a lot of people use Todd Lammle books.

    The exams focus on being able to apply what you know, and not really on recall of material. You will have to be able to subnet IP addresses, thats one topic they hammer on and build a lot of questions around. I work on a large, pretty complex WAN network every day, and the test was not very easy for me.

  3. stealthycat

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    I'm a rookie at routers ... but strong telecom background. I need to get this, and I have access to several test routers and switches as well.

    So get some Todd Lammle study guides, a couple of routers like 2501's or even 3640's, maybe a switch, go from there maybe?
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    Oh No! I feel for ya. I'm up to my eyeballs every day in Cisco's. 3800's, 3700's, and 2800's. It's a wonder I don't refer to my kids as octet's.
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    The CCNA is a very comprehensive test. I just recently acquired mine. I took the two test route, meaning I took the ICND1 and ICND2 and that is the route I recommend for a couple of reasons.

    First, it cost $250 for the CCNA single exam. If you fail it you are out the $250. If you go the 2 test route you still only pay $250 total, but it is $125 at a time, so if you fail you only lose the $125. That is unless you fail each one.

    Second, the amount of knowledge you need to pass each individual exam is somewhat condensed. That alone is a good enough reason.

    If you are serious about getting the CCNA study your materials, and then also study practice exams. There are several to choose from: pass4sure, testking, actualtest. I used actualtest, but I have to warn you their practice exams are full of errors, so you have to know your stuff. However, it gives you a great idea of what to expect on the exam and some of the questions are as is implied in the name. They are actual test questions. Good luck!!! :up:

    ICND1 is 640-822
    ICND2 is 640-816 ......two test route

    CCNA is 640-802 test route.....these are the test numbers that you will be signing up for...just as an FYI.
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    Good luck on 'em. I started studying, but never got around to trying to take the test. I did pass my first MCSE test though, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.
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    I've got a good background in telecom. I worked for several big companies in Seattle and Phoenix, in the NOC and was in charge of the test and turn-up section of one company and also ran the central office for another. worked with all the routers, switches, multiplexers, DACS and everything else that goes with them. I have a few items you guys might be interested in.

    I have a brand new router, still in the box, my cisco manuals from the CCNA course, at least one cisco book, and I've got the SmartForce CCNA course on disk. Oh yeah.... I alsofound a couple thousand fiber optic cables the other day in some of my boxes in the garage.

    If you guys might be interested let me know and maybe we can do some horse trading!!!

  8. telecom will help, the test will cover frame-relay networks and touch on ATM, not sure if the new exam hits on MPLS any.

    2500 and 3600 series routers are fairly old, but will help you learn the basics of IOS, especially if you have access to them and not cost you anything.

    feel free to PM if you ever have any questions
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    well I cannot get into either of my 3600 routers, don't know the passwords

    the 2600 I can access
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    Password recovery is something you will quickly learn. Just Google password recovery for your model. Instructions are easy to get.
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    Ahh, the fun of cisco routers. They work great as long as you don't break 'em. I worked on them earlier this year and it was a fun job. Just don't delete the boot loaders on accident. Takes hours to transfer them back.