Cats instead of Deer!!

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  1. A 70 degree morning on the deer stand turned into one of our better predator hunts! She took both of these with her .223. The first was about 100yds and 20' up a tree. I never saw it till she dropped it. (I miss those young eyes). The next was much less dramatic at 50yds but I couldn’t be prouder. We also had a coyote narrowly escape the same fate..... I wonder why we didn’t see many deer..:confused:

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    That is crazy awesome ! Wow !

  3. thats awsome. She is smiling big too. Those are some nice looking cats as well. The one on the left is pretty good sized. Oh and yeah, I remember those days of being able to see like that too. But that was a long time ago
  4. Thanks, now can someone help me explain to her that we dont have room for two bobcat mounts in the living room.....
  5. nope that one is all on you. I have a deer skin rug being made because thats what my 7 year old wanted to do with his first deer he killed (doe) so I am the WRONG one to help out there, lol.
  6. Congrats to him!... I hate to tell her no, but we would need to set up a donation fund for two cat mounts.
  7. thanks, and yeah two mounts would be a lot of money lol. I have only seen one like that and he had them fighting.
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    Congrats on the great hunt. :thumb:
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  10. that 1 looks like a good sized cat, congrats
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    nice shootin
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    Tell her good job. The turkeys thank her too.
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    Oh she definitely needs both bobcats mounted. Thats our Kitty Killer. Way to go girl.

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    Gotta mount em. Start a fund raiser. Lol.
    Or once she can work, make her get a job and pay half.
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    Come on man. Mount them cats!!!!
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    They would be way better then deer mounts! I hear Christmas pres!
  18. I will be sure she knows that steven will be paying for one of them..