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We had a good first few days, including one night yielding a coyote and a grey fox in traps within 20 yards of each other, and a bobcat in another. Added some traps, then went 4 nights with nothing. Day before yesterday we caught the male bobcat in same trap we had previously caught a female, plus the male and female coyotes in traps about 40 yards apart. Just added the dog proofs and caught the coon on 3rd night, using cinnamon chex cereal and grape licorice. My friend and I are alternating mornings of checking the traps, which works out well with our work schedules. We are pulling and moving a few, then adding some more in the morning. Enjoying the aspect of trying different sets and scents.

In a conversation today, I compared trapping to baseball. You fail more than you succeed. At least that’s the case for me.
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1 - 8 of 120 Posts