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Catahoula pups started

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pups[/ATTACH] pups for sale
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How old are the pups? And how much do you want for them?
The ones in the photos are about 12 weeks $150 each all so have a litter 7 weeks old $ 150 each Call me at 870-582-2162
these pups are now about 6 months old they need to go 2 females 5 males $150 call me 870-582-2162
these need to go will trade for a male yellow black mouth cur 1-5 years old
$150 this is a cheap price
all these dogs where sold a long time ago and chasing hogs buy now i hope these can be deleted thanks and sorry i am do to 1 gep cata and no male
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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