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  1. gregrn43

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    I dont duck hunt much, in fact I went thur morning for the first time in 12 years. I shot a canvasback drake and thought about getting it mounted. I was wondering are they a rare duck or pretty common? I have a mallard drake and hen mounted thought it might look good on the wall with them.
  2. ARTom81

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  3. mitchhigh

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    Rare. You see them in Arkansas but in my 15 yrs of hunting I've only had 1 legal opportunity to shoot one. I would definitely get it mounted.
  4. No-till Boss

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    What that telling you is two thing, #1) we are at the tail-end of the migration when you see cancasbacks. #2) migration has nothing to do with weather conditions other than the changing of the seasons, example killing a canvasback in 70 degree weather.
  5. gregrn43

    gregrn43 Well-Known Member

    Thanks fellers it headed for the taxidermy
  6. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I would get it mounted too. I have seen very few cans over the years.
  7. expressman

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    yup, i got one several years ago off the refuge at bald knob. i dug up some info on the game and fish website that there are fewer than 500 taken in arkansas each year but that was a while back too. anyway, makes a pretty mount and a nice mix with some mallard mounts.
  8. SwampCat

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    They are not common here. I kill four or five a year. While scouting this past Wednesday, I saw three different bunches of twenty to thirty in each bunch. They are not a wary or smart duck - but I find that fairly typical of divers. I agree, some ducks are going to migrate to AR even without severe weather. But, there are a lot of ducks that won't go any further south than they have to.
  9. tator222

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    I shot a couple the year before last. And got mine mounted, they make some sweet mounts.
  10. wooducksooie

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    Yeah that's one to mount. I killed a hen can a few years back. Been after that drake ever since. Ha
  11. Grinnel Slough

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    Anyone have a good reference on taxidermist as well as pricing? I have a nice wigeon drake which was my dogs first retrieve that I wanna out on the wall
  12. mach316

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    Killed 2 last year flying together. One is at the taxidermy man right now..
  13. Averyhntr

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    depends on the part of the state your in on how rare they are. We see quite a few later in the year here and have shot a good number of em too. They are still a trophey bird in my opinion and very deservedly of the wall.
  14. BKoutdoorsman

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    My buddies killed 3 of them yesterday
  15. ARTom81

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    Sometimes the MS river is good for cans. But hunting corn/rice/beans in a field or timber, your not going to see many. We have shot Cans and redheads out of fields before. Old fish ponds are good for divers as well.
  16. Old Cooter

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    I like the work that Burrow's does in Brinkley. They aren't the cheapest, but I feel they do the best job on birds. I took one to them last year, but I can't remember how much it cost. I don't want to guess and be wrong.
  17. Huh?

    Usta love it when the ice line would get down to Jonesboro or so....... sure seemed to have an effect on the migration! :fit:
  18. Lt Gibson

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    We have quite a few every year, and usually kill several every year. I have 2 mounted and my brother killed a banded one. Pretty neat. Hard to hit though, those suckers are fast fast fast.
  19. dyeR

    dyeR Well-Known Member

    Thought you were only aloud to kill one per day per person?
  20. chillout

    chillout Well-Known Member

    We got into some last year and I'm still kicking myself for not getting one mounted. Do it!