can't get a job!!!!

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  1. with all of the coaching jobs out there, I can't get a job.Why is it if a guy sucked in the NFL,sucked in college and is the first name considered for the next coaching job that comes open? Hey, give us new guys a shot.....:thumb:
    can't even get a job as a recuriter.....what the hay:fit:
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    I've wondered about that myself, why do they keep recycling the same old guys.

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    You could try to get Hooties job at Ol piss if u can make out for another year. Anyone wood be an improvement after he's screwed a program up!
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    Da' Big Dog, that's an evil post. Check the post count on it. :up:
  5. all I'm saying is....

    Marvin Lewis,who some how got a contract extension,was already being considered for the job at is that.....ain't done a darn thing where he is and is already at the top of a short list of canidates....then the Carolina Panthers are talking about taking Andrew Luck with their first pics:head:...Cam Newton and Ryan Mallet to name a few to choose from and you alread have wasted time and money on Clausen.......what are you thinking? I could a least help with player development and team operations...:biggrin::fit:......someone,anyone please!!!!!!
  6. National Signing Day

    Yet again, here is another area where my expertise could help out a program....I don't know how many guys out there with great talent are going to get passed over.....maybe their on bad teams or didn't get the ball like the should or what....maybe I should start my own website:idea:
    by George I think I've got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!