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    My son bought a Bowflex several years ago and it's mostly set around collecting junk. Well, over the weekend I decided to unbury it and put it to it and find a whole slew of workouts for the machine and figure I would start with one of the easier ones. Monday night was night one and tonight made two, :eek:mg: I thought I was in better shape than this. I have already found some things that I had forgot were there. :uhoh:

    Think I might back up page and start there. :eek:
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    That is just begging for some inappropriate comments, I shall behave though.:biggrin:

    Good luck on getting in shape!

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    I know how you feel. I had trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu off and on for years and thought I was in pretty good shape. Then I stopped training consistently for several years. Last week I went back to the gym and after one night of training I was shut down for 4 days. I could hardly move. Muscles that I forgot I had were so sore I could barely tie my shoes. Just gotta ease your way back in and let your body adjust.
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    I was going to show my 10yr old daughter yesterday, what a stud I used to be when I could do 50 pull-ups......couldn't get my butt back up after just one. It's hail to get old as us possum!:fit::razz::biggrin:
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