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    I stopped at Mac's minnows and more in Benton to buy some gas this evening. It's the last gas station before you leave town. When I went in to prepay 90 freakin' dollars in gas, my reciept was for $92.70. I asked what the additional charge was for and I was informed that the owner adds a sucharge to all debit and credit card uses. I asked ever so politely"Are you S@#ing me?!?" I was assured that I had indeed heard correctly and that my "selective hearing" was not acting up. So essentially I paid 3.06 per gallon instead of the 2.99 advertised price. Is this legal? I realize that companies are charged a surchage to utilize credit and debit cards, but I've never had a company blatantly charge you for it! Does anyone know who I can contact to see if this is legal? I only authorized the $90.
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    Look like u paid the charge the CC charges them

  3. camron

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    That's exactly what it was! Don't they make enough off the gas?
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    Next time you go to McDonalds in the drive thru--look at your reciept-there s a take out charge on it:censored:
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    Well gas is 3.09 at our place for reg now. Looks like you got a good deal. :smack:
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    I know there is quite a few places in Conway that charges for debit card use if it below a certain amount....OH YEAH that amount is well under 90 bucks, it's usually any purchase under $5.00.
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    I was in private retail many years ago, and if I remember right, you can give a discount for cash, but I don't think you can add a credit card surcharge. In all actuality, it's the same price both ways, but I don't think both are legal. In other words, they can charge 306.9/gal and give a 2% discount for cash, but I don't think they can charge 299.9/gal and add the CC charge. That's been 20+ years ago...

    I bet a call to the AG's office in LR on Monday would get you an answer.
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    :thumb: I agree....the terrorist running that station has to be from the middle east!:mad:
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    Looked at mine and they are not charging extra here yet, but I can see it coming.
  10. Hill Farm Hunter

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    That's a tax, not going to the resturant.
  11. camron

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    I'll contact the AG Monday, then I'll take my reply over there in person if it's in my favor.
  12. Loc-on

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    I am not sure about being against the law, but I know that Visa/Mastercard will not allow merchants that accept their cards to charge customer for using them. I don't know what kind of card you used but if it was either of those you may get further by calling the card company than the AG.
  13. Mr. Chitlin

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    As I said above, it's been 20+ years since I was in retail. This might be what I was remembering instead of it being against the law. Might do well to contact the AG and the CC company.

    If you would, let us know whatever you find out. That'll help the rest of us if we run into this situation.

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    Sounds like a case of .........BOHICA........ and he had ya bent over!!!

    never heard of this, but nothing suprises me anymore!!
  15. ozark outdoorsman

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    We were in Eureka Springs in November this year and stopped to get gas, there was no sign but after I had pumped about $10.00 in gas I noticed it was .03 higher than advertised, so I shut it off and went inside. When I asked the clerk, she said any credit card was charged extra. I expalined that it was not a credit card, but a debit card. And I was polite too, Until the other male clerk said "well its got a MasterCard logo on it so that makes it a credit card, but we'll gladly accept a check". Then he asked if I could write a check. I told him I don't do business with people like that and drove a few blocks down and bought it elsewhere.
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    IMHO if they can't afford to pay the fees themselves they don't need to take plastic!!!

    All they are doing is making people who are already mad about gas prices madder.
  17. hawgpharm

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    on a slightly different note, i have noticed that at certain gas stations, if i use my visa, the pump will shut off when it hits $50. if my truck is not full i will have to go through the whole process again to finish filling up. it does not do it at every station i go to though. anyone else had this happen?
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    Believe it or not most stations at the retail level make between .06 and .10 per gallon. If you are in a competetive area you could end up selling for less or even below cost. Most of the credit cards charge 3% on purchases. If you sell a gallon at 3.00 and are charged 3% and are only making .06 you just paid .03 to sell that gallon. Anyone want a convience store?
  19. Triple Threat

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    different credit cards have a limit on what you can charge to your card for gas. Sometimes on the pumps they'll post the limit on different cards. I think it's a security thing. Like your card gets stolen and several will go to one station and fill up several different tanks.
  20. Triple Threat

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    Many of the credit cards have a limit on what you can buy for gas. I think it's a security measure. Say, someone steals your card and passes it around at a pump. I've seen pumps with the limits posted for the different cc companies. My cc use to be $50 but they have since raised it to $100. I guess before long they'll need another hike to $200 maybe even $1000!:smack: