Cannot sit in or on anything that has a motor & hunt No More?

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    Well, thats the word that has been put out on the street in this area by the local WO's. It has been plainly stated that they will be issuing tickets to anyone they catch a person(s) just sitting in a parked, non-moving vehicle located on private lands in the act of what they deam hunting. According to this WO, to be legal one must exit the vehicle & not sit inside of it or on it to hunt. I didn't agree with this interputation he had of the reg's & told them they might need to go back & re-read the reg for clarification. Nope, didn't need to, they knew what he said & if anyone is caught doing so they would not have to worry about hunting again for a while!

    Well, this left a question in my mind as to if father time had gotten the best of me & maybe I was in error as to what the rule said. Me & mine have allways prided ourselfs in trying to be legal in every aspect of the game laws & now maybe find out something we do on a regular basis & have for years might cost us our hunting privilages just floored me. We have for years sat in our parked, non moving trucks or UTV's with cabs on them on these days not fit for man nor beast hunting on our own private land well away from the road. Like I said, being a person who thought he knew the rules & tried to adhere to them, I was left with some doubt as to if I was in error now, so I looked it up:

    Now am I in error here, or do I read it correctly, only thing it says is it cannot be moving, correct? Nothing about cannot sit in it, nothing about it has to be non-running, nothing about none of what was inplied, am I correcty reading this right?

    I am all for having more WO's on the job, but before they get put on the job have them ready & trained to do the job! Man, these fresh, right out of the academy WO's kill me. Get a badge pinned on their chest & they all the sudden think they run the world. I think the G&F should spend a little more time teaching these new guy what they are suppose to be writting tickets for instead of just teaching them how to write tickets!
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    Looks pretty clear to me. I don't see how anyone can interpret that any differently.

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    The ticket won't stick if you are parked on private land. I think the guy is just trying to bully you.
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    See what you think about this rule

    Not to hijack your thread but I noticed this in the reg also. If you read the way it is written, sounds like you can't use a light on a WMA. I realize that is a literal interpretation, but see what you think. I did notice on the AGFC web site they add (spotlighting) in their general hunting rules list.

    18.02-A USE OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHTS PROHIBITED. It shall be unlawful to
    04-07 shine any artificial light
    from any public road, street or highway or from within the boundaries of any wildlife management area.
    (1) Use by a law enforcement officer, Game and Fish personnel, emergency service worker or utility company employee in the performance of their duties;
    (2) Use by a person or his employee to examine real or personal property or livestock on that person’s owned or rented property;
    (3) Use by a person to assist in the repair or removal of a motor
    vehicle or farm equipment.
    (4) The taking of bullfrogs and furbearers during the established respective bullfrog and furbearer seasons.
    This act shall not apply within the boundaries of a city of the first class or a city of the second class.
    (5) In compliance with Commission Code 02.23 (Alligator Hunting Season) and 26.02 (Restrictions on Methods of Taking Alligator).
    PENALTY: $100.00 to $1,000.00.
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    If you have a flashlight bright enough to use for spotlighting deer, like I do, you would be subject to interoggation for spotlighting/poaching wildlife. However, if you don't act like a fool with it, and just use it to and from your tree, you should be fine.

    Most people that get in trouble, bring the trouble upon themselves.
  6. Well 4hunting your local G/W's need to refresh themselves on the statute. It's not uncommon for Officers to fail to read the statutes and understand them.
    Back in my day as a LEO I had a FTO that stressed that during the training phase.
    He hammered them in my head and others He trained. After that I made it a habit to read and try and stay up to date with changes.
    The statute you are referring to plainly says a moving vehicle.
    If they write the tickets and someone that is sharp goes to court the defendant will win.
    But if it's hearsay not a lot you can do......but if one tells you that I would write the Capt for the area and explain what was said.
    Rackmaster brought up an interesting statute as well. If I am on my property I can shine a light all I want as long as I am checking my land or livestock.
    Officers can get complacent in their jobs and need to learn what makes up a law and how to apply it.

    I hear mess ups all the time. Just the other night I heard on Channel 7 them say a guy was charged with Burglary and theft.......can't do that. If the theft made up the last portion of the burglary charge then that is double jeopardy.
    Never can't do that.
    Could have been a news mistake but more then likely some Officer made the statement.........can't do that.......
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    Instead of just saying a WO said this or that. Name them. There is no need in every WO getting lumped together if only one or two are the bad apples. That way the offending individual will be able to be corrected if needed
  9. I wish they would make it Illegal to hunt out of a vehicle, moving or not. One of my main deer stands is about 150 yards off a gravel road, and its seems like everyone of the older members think the best way to hunt is to drive up and down the road at 2mph. I get so dang pissed off I could shoot their windows out when I'm sitting on the stand watching deer in my shooting lanes and they jerk their head up and go back in the woods because they here the gravel popping. They also think its okay to park sideways in the road and shoot anything that crosses coming to me or going away. I've cussed and raised He!! over and over and brought it up in meetings but when your out numbered there really isn't anything you can do. I've considered calling the Possum Police, but I don't believe in snitching so.....:banghead: I've about decided it would just be easier to find a new camp. So if anyone knows of any openings within about a 30 min drive of Pine Bluff let me know.
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    Your WO is full of,.............****.gif
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    They can't ticket you anymore for shining a light on your own place either. They notified the public on their website this fall 2 weeks in a row that it is now legal to hunt hogs day or night with any rifle caliber on any private land where you have permission to hunt. I can post a link for anyone that is interested.
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    So I can still shoot hogs, at night with my mini gun mounted on my truck while driving, with a light. Got it!:biggrin:
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    This is pasted from the SEPT 15 issue of the Arkansas Outdoors e-mailing:

    Wild hogs go back many years in Arkansas

    LITTLE ROCK - Where did all these wild hogs come from? A close look at exploration history of the southern Untied States reveals that Hernando de Soto had hogs with him, and he covered a good bit of Arkansas in the 1500s.

    But, there were other European explorers too, and some of them also brought along hogs for food in their travels.

    After settlers came to Arkansas, the practice was to let hogs run free in woods. When the weather turned cold, hogs were rounded up, often with the use of large log traps, and killed for food, lard and other byproducts. Free-ranging hogs were not outlawed in Arkansas until the middle of the 20th century, but in some pockets of the state this continued as late as the 1970s and 1980s.

    By 1977 wild hogs were only found in four percent of Arkansas and were considered declining at the time.

    So, while some parts of Arkansas have had wild hogs for many years, the chief source of today’s explosion in hog populations came more recently, according to Blake Sasse, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s nongame mammal program coordinator. Over the last 20 to 30 years hog hunting has become an increasingly popular sport and there has been a dramatic increase in illegal release of hogs in isolated areas. The illegal releases are primarily by those interested in chasing them with dogs.

    All across the South, wild hogs have become a growing problem, even causing damage to farm equipment like expensive combines that are damaged by encounters with rooted-up fields.

    On private land, feral hogs may be killed or trapped year-round, day or night, by a landowner or anyone with the landowner’s permission (except anyone who has had his or her hunting license revoked). There are no limits on the number of wild hogs a person can kill, and there are no restrictions on weapons or types of traps that can be used.

    On wildlife management areas, the AGFC encourages hunters to shoot all wild hogs they see. Hunters may kill hogs on WMAs during daylight hours during any open hunting season as long as they are using a weapon legal for that season. Only permit holders may hunt wild hogs during special permit hunts. Hogs killed on WMAs can be taken for processing or left where they were shot. Hunters may not use dogs, bait or traps to hunt feral hogs on WMAs and may not hunt at night.
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    Truer words have not been said. These guys seem to think that since they have a badge and a gun they can run roughshod over anyone for any reason.

    Oh, how I wish we could vote again on A75... :rolleyes:
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    At least you can still road hunt off a bicycle.
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    :fit::fit::fit: Now thats dedication!
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    rookie LEO's, AGFC, or local yookal's are a pain in the butt! we had a house fire where we shut down the main road through town. The town ROOKIE cop proceded to write the driver of every firetruck and every firefighter who drove a personal vehicle a parking ticket. He was sure that he was in the right and nobody could tell him different ( even the state trooper on the fire dept)! He was even gonna arrest the ones of us that refuesed the ticket. ( not a smart threat on tired firefighters most of which had a good 50 pounds or more on him). Yeah he was relieved of his duties the same day that 16 firefighters appeared in court and made him look like a complete Dumb :censored:!
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    Years ago most firearms makers offered a bicycle gun. Marlin had a nice one.
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    Wow... Stupid never sleeps. I hope he never has a fire at his house. :fit: