Cane and Derby Pardus appendix carry rig for M&P 9mm fs/compact *

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    I've started making my own holsters so the Cane and Derby one doesn't see much time anymore. I've added a washer to the tension adjustment section because it was a bit tight from the factory. I've also added a washer behind each belt lop to make it slide over pants more easily. All of these are easily removed if you don't like them. Pardon the dust in the pics below. This holster fits a full size M&P 9mm and my compact. I'd bet it fits the .40 as well but I don't have one to test.

    New ones are $85 + shipping I'll take 65 + shipping for this one. I'm also pretty open to trades and trades +cash as needed. Main list of trades would be: vortex sparc red dot, 9mm plinking ammo, M&P 9mm full size mags, ar15 mags, ares ranger belt, rem 700 in 308, small protable radios and ifak gear... Apparently about any thing in the world. This is posted on a few forums so I'll go by time stamp of request if it is more popular than I expect.

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    NE Ark
    Location required in For Sale forum.

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    Re: Cane and Derby Pardus appendix carry rig for M&P 9mm fs/compact

    Oops. I'm around the Conway area.