Can you Afford It?

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Can you afford $2,529.60 for a deer lease?

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  1. Due to the numerous threads on the subject of having bigger bucks in Arkansas, I have done some quick un-scientific research. Guys on these threads want to work towards the quality of deer in Arkansas as has been done in IL, OH, MI and OK, etc.

    Based on that, I found 2 leases that are available in MI, IL and OK and averaged them together for each state and came up with an average cost per acre at $21.08 between the 3 states.

    Now base that on a few leases that I know of in South AR, lets go with the average size of 3000 acres.

    3000 x $21.08 = $63,240

    Take 25 guys per lease, your cost per member, just for the land and nothing else will be $2,529.60.

    My question how many people can and willing to pay $2,529.60 to have a place to hunt in the name of bigger deer statewide in AR? That is not counting insurance, electricity for camp, a place to camp or other costs that go with a camp?
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    I have had some dang good leases in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. Ive never paid more than $14 per acre. Of course the high one was in Illinois. Lets look at an average lease in Kansas.

    500 acres. $10 per acre. Total of $5000. 4 bow hunters and 4 gun hunters. Thats $625 per guy to hunt giant bucks.

  3. camocreek

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    I would figure it out somehow? If it got that bad, but like btech said you can find it cheaper, Illinois or at least pike county isnt the same any more. Dont get me wrong its still got some great bucks, but it is over priced, over hunted and over rated these days. You can hunt other counties in IL for cheaper rates and better hunting
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    The thing that's so great about KS and IL is it only takes 20 acres if you've got the right 20 acres. There's a 40 we hunt in IL that is by far the best spot we hunt. We get to hunt It for free but if we didn't that would be a cheap lease for 2 guys to have a chance at a giant. We have access to probably 1000 acres in IL at $0.00 an acre. Add the cost for fuel and tags and your looking at about $600 total. Can you afford it?
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    You're quoting prices in S Ark probably for timber company pine thickets. Get over in the delta and land is about as high as KS, IL, IA. I'd be willing to betcha that the $21.00 an acre land your talking about up north is full of deer, turkey, and ducks. Yeah, I'd pay that for a 3 sport lease.

    Just couldn't tell the old lady what it cost me. :whistle:
  6. jimmyh

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    I would be willing to pay as much as $750.00 a year if it is no more than 2hrs away. And the hunting is good. Also depends on how many acers per hunter. I may go a grand for a place with a great chance for a Kansas size buck.
  7. I could not afford that. I wish I could but I cann't. Plus, I live on around 180 acres. Just behind my house, there is another 220 acres, down the road about 3/4 mile there is another 80 acres. just norh of me about 2 miles theres 3000+ acres. As you can tell this is all within a five minute drive for me and its all family owned. There is more land but is more than a 30 minute drive. I could not see myself spending money to hunt somewhere other than right here beside my house. The 3000+ acres has produced some NICE deer. And we have QDM messures in place to keep them getting better. I have not hunted there this year so that I am not tempted. So sorry but for me its not worth it. Plus, if I am going to pay money to hunt it is going to be out of state. I have never hunted anywhere but arkansas. I really want a chance to go out of state.
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    If its a proven lease with quality deer..I'm in. I wouldn't pay for typical south ar deer.
  9. Razoo97

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    Kansas is not the big buck state it once was, 10yrs ago...don't get me wrong, there are still some giants, they are getting fewer and far between.

    Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana getting there and so is Pennsylvania and Missouri. That's how I would rank them, as best chance for a Booner:wink:
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    i'd love to kill a giant, but there is too much public land around here for me to spend that kind of money
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    I voted that I could not afford it, It would also be hard for me to justify the cost. I'm still having a problem justifying paying to hunt as it is.
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    You guy's must really like the taste of bone.

    Or maybe you just need to kill a deer with nice headgear to prove your a big man? :smack:

    Anyway, you big buck (trophy hunter) guys give hunting a black eye, and I hope your ways do not destroy our way of life. But I fear that one day, it will.

    And when that day comes, I will blame you horn porn guys for huntings demise. Damn you!
  13. here we go again
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    Hey I cant help it I like to put big bucks on the ground some people are just jealous!!!!!:biggrin:
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    I'd like to spend that kind of money on a lease,but the tightwad in me would never allow that to happen. The way I figure it. 3k a year could buy a decent patch of ground close to the National forrest.
  18. the name has a point.
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    I couldn't afford it and if I could I wouldnt do it. To much public and I know to many farmers that will let me hunt for free. I could take two trips out west for that price. I'd love to see better deer here, but we have it pretty good right now. Its getting better every year. It could still get better, but I'm not sure its worth it. At this point, I just wanna kill a few and have fun.
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    Well consider that on average a hunter will spend that much or more now. Once you add all the lic. gas food stands scents corn ect. Heck I spend twice that much every year just hunting in Arkansas. Well maybe not. There always be public land if I can't afford it.