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  1. Sappruski

    Sappruski Well-Known Member

    Are there any RV sites on the lake that you can rent monthly. I know all of the core sites two weeks is all you can leave your RV. I don't know that area very well and searched a little and all that i could find were not actually on the lake. Does anyone know of a place?

  2. Dmille5

    Dmille5 Well-Known Member

    There's a spot on the left just before you get to OLD HWY 25 park,but no details

  3. towhead

    towhead Well-Known Member

    The corps has seen fit to privatize part of the dam site park. They might operate under different rules than the corps. Other than that the private park on Old Hwy 25 and one on Park Rd just outside of Heber Springs Rec Area would be closest to the water.
  4. Sappruski

    Sappruski Well-Known Member

    I didn't think there were any actually on the lake that i could find. I will see what i can find on that one on Hwy 25. Thanks for your input.
  5. green29

    green29 Well-Known Member

    There is one on hwy 25. $200 /month I hear
  6. Sappruski

    Sappruski Well-Known Member

    It looks like the Hwy 25 is a Corps of Eng. also and only allows reservations for 14 days at a time.
  7. ZXJones

    ZXJones Well-Known Member

    There is one to the right before you get into Heber Springs Park. Not sure the name of it.
  8. busterb

    busterb Well-Known Member

    there is a private campground across the street from where you turn in to Hwy 25 Campground.
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