Camping at Bayou Meto..??

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by lbstuart, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. lbstuart

    lbstuart Active Member

    Just wondering how the camper sites (slips) that everyone uses during duck season were rented. Can they be rented where you can leave a camper there through the entire season or does one have to pull a camper back and forth every time? Any information is appreciated.
  2. arkyduckboy

    arkyduckboy Well-Known Member

    Those sites fill up quick. We have spots in Humphrey where you can park a camper if you want. No hook ups but its secluded 15 min from vallier

  3. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    If you are talking about Harley gills place, then you will be paying an outrageous sum of money. He got way too high last year. $1000+
  4. bubbaduck

    bubbaduck Well-Known Member

    you dont have to rent the sites they are free but you can only leave a camper on one site for 14 days but only 48 hours unattended i think? you can look it up on the agfc website
  5. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    This is correct if you are talking about the Agfc campgrounds. After 14 days, all you have to do is move your camper 1 spot over. But do know that there are zero hookups in those sites
  6. Harley Gill is my uncle and owns those spots...YOU GOTTA PAY TO PLAY!!!!!
  7. D33RHUNT3R

    D33RHUNT3R Well-Known Member

    that is the very very poorly enforced rule...

  8. Exactly there is not enough people camping there for them to have th enfource this rule.
  9. arkdrake

    arkdrake Well-Known Member

    Harley charges per day/week/monthly/or season. A few years back it cost us $1000 from nov 10 to jan 28. Water and Electric only. Around the holiday if filled up pretty quickly.
  10. Chino

    Chino Well-Known Member

    If you rent a spot by the month at Harley's it's $300, so $900 for the season.
  11. Poppa Clay

    Poppa Clay Well-Known Member

    Durn, I have some land close to Bayou Meto. I ought to put in some water and electric and start renting out spots.
  12. DuckLn

    DuckLn Well-Known Member

    My experience is if you leave a camper down there unattended you'll be broken into within 24 hours. Leave it locked, no problem for a low life scumbag, they'll just kick a door in and take every single thing you left including toilet paper.
  13. bhunts

    bhunts Well-Known Member

    Oh that was your camper!!!!!!!!!! Man I really had to go. Sorry!
  14. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    I left mine down there last year unattended for 2 days, and had no problems at all. But i will tell you that i was extremely nervous the whole time I was gone. It would be nothing for somebody to break into one of those things.
  15. arkdrake

    arkdrake Well-Known Member

    I left mine down there for half a season a few years back. Harley did a good job of keeping an eye on things. Only problem I had us if you left someone would put a truck or boat so close to your door you couldn't get in. But no way I would leave one in the wma a few days unattended
  16. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    My stayed at the lower vallier boat ramp last year over christmas day and the day after, and i had no issues. Probably a rare occurence.
  17. lbstuart

    lbstuart Active Member

    Thanks for the advice! I would really like to find somewhere that is just within 10-20 minutes from upper/lower valier. If anyone knows of anything along those lines, please let me know. Really needing somewhere I can feel comfortable leaving my camper for the entire season. Thanks again!
  18. bubbaduck

    bubbaduck Well-Known Member

    year befor last i need a place to leave mine and i stoped at a farmers house up the road one day got out and talked to him for a bit and offerd some money and he let me leave mine at his barn when i was gonna be there for a few days