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Camp Robinson

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When you get drawn for a Camp Robinson/Bell Slough Permit, can you have a camera man accompany you? I've heard different stories and I can't find the regulations on it :confused: . Thanks
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Reggie doesn't know...but good luck on your hunt!

Which hunt did you draw?

Reggie's heading out on the 21-23rd. Hopefully it won't rain the whole time this year.
Man I was hoping to get drawn this year. I finally figured an old big bearded rascal out the last day last year. I had his hen so worked up she jumped on my decoy but when it didn't move or flinch she got all big eyed and left. Maybe next year. Good luck.
You must have a tag to get in the gate.
That's kinda what I thought. My hunt is the last one. 28th thru the 30th I think.
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