Camp Robinson permit hunts

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by conwayhunter, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. conwayhunter

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    I hunted all day sat and half day Sunday on the muzzle loader hunt in zone 10 saw 1 doe each day and 15 pigs one. Sit all day Thanksgiven day and saw nothing what and where did y'all set and see or kill? And big ones killed besides the one that's been shown on here.
  2. nansman

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    I hunted both days of muzzleloader and saw one doe and a fawn and hunted both days of modern gun and saw two does. I was amazed at the lack of deer sign as compared to past years. I think it has been over hunted and the harvest reports indicate a steady decline. I hunted 10 and 11 training areas.

  3. Nat1

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    Saw 12 fri all in the afternoon 2 decent bucks but both needed another year.Nothing at all Saturday.Only heard 6 or so shots between both days.
  4. ds700grizz

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    I hunted both gun days sat and sun. Didn't hear many shot and saw no deer. Would like to know where I can kill a hog though.
  5. bullcreekboy

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    I hunted all day this past Saturday and saw nothing but squirrels and woodpeckers. I'm not sure what was up. There were plenty of fresh tracks made since the rain Thursday night and rubs everywhere. I know a nice buck was taken with a bow in the area I was in??? Seems like a lot of folks on here are not happy with what they are or are not seeing out there tho.
  6. martinbd40

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    Had a permit the last two weekends. Hunting was super tough this year, with very few deer seen and not much shooting. I think as many hogs were killed as deer. Had a chance on a good buck looking for a fight after I grunted, but he angled into me through a thicket and winded me right as I was cocking the hammer on the muzzle loader and left for the next county. Heard two bucks fighting before daylight this past Saturday not far from me, but never saw them. Found hog sign everywhere I went that was in a bottom of any kind. Had hogs all around me at dark this past Sunday in Zone 15, but it was so thick that I never could get one in the scope. Now that the permit hunts are over, it is my understanding from the game warden that you can hunt hogs all you want with your weapon of choice. Shoot them, keep them, or let them lay. Two or three years from now, there won't be enough deer to mess with if these hogs don't start getting wacked. Worst deer hunting I have ever seen in CR.