Camera Surveys?

Discussion in 'Quality Deer Management' started by SwampCat, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Does anyone do real camera surveys to gather information on their deer herd. I dont mean just putting out cameras - I mean using them to gather buck/doe ratios, fawn recruitment numbers, etc using the Jacobsen method or some other technique.

    I used to survey over my food plots, but the extended flood in 2015 pretty much wiped them out and I got data I thought was not representative of the local herd, so I used the standard practice of placing bait in front of the camera. That year, the camera on a food plot took one fawn picture, which resulted in a fawn/doe ratio of .027 fawns per doe - and no, the decimal is not in the wrong place. I turned right around and did the survey again, but placed corn in front of the camera. My buck/doe ratio, total unique bucks, and number of does stayed relatively the same - but my fawn/doe ratio jumped from .027 to .3 - I really believe there was one fawn that just moved in on the bait, but the Jacobsen method bases its fawn numbers the number of fawn pictures compared to doe pictures and I believe the data - at least for the fawns - can be skewed to the high side. Studies on camera surveys I have read also find evidence that baited sites are probably not as accurate a representation as non-baited sites. Does anyone on here actually perform camera surveys and if you do, is it over a bait pile or some other more natural site?
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    Normally at the house I don't do a survey I have 120 acres that I run 2 cameras on year round. I run my cameras on 10 second videos. I don't have to estimate. I know all the deer. Even the does with my camera on video I can tell most of them a part.

    Now the property in Stone county I just run cameras the month of September for inventory and call it done.