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  1. Catfish898

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    Has anyone had any luck using a squirell call?
  2. No-till Boss

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    When I lived in town I would practice in the back yard with it. I could literally make a squirrel turn insane. Then, I would take it to the woods, and everytime I tried it........they would take off only to never be seen again. I never did figured the difference out.

  3. englishdawgs

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    I have used them before with luck to get squirrels to move when they where hiding in the tree. But like said they usally take off so you have to be fast with the gun. Also have used them to make them to bark in the distance sometimes you can find them sometimes not.
  4. plumber

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    I have had good luck with the squirrel whistle. Brings em right in!!!! The only thing else to mention is that this call will also bring in everything else from deer, coyote, hawks, just about everything you can imagine.:thumb:
  5. neotoxo

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    Could be the tone of the call...I've got 3...two bellows types that you can shake
    and make chatter and tap for barking...the lower toned one is good for red squirrels the higher pitch one for grays...and the red tail hawk whistle to stir thing up
    You can bend over a small sapling and start beating in on the ground while hitting the whistle and most squirrels will start barking warnings and come out to see what the fuss is about...
  6. tried in my backyard and got several to answer, but only tok it in the woods two or three times.. cant say i remember anything happening with it