Calling Squirrels

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by JB Weld, Dec 20, 2012.

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    When I was a kid, squirrel hunting was about all I did, and I probably tried every squirrel call known to man at least once.
    I tried those distress calls once or twice, but I never stuck with them. That's not to say they'd never work.
    I used to use a Knight and Hale squirrel bark call a lot. It seemed to work better than the other bark calls I tried. The bellow on that call makes sound when you let it out, so it was easier to control and whine. I had luck getting squirrels to come out of hiding with it or getting to them to sound off so I could stalk closer. They dont really come to the call.

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    I think the squirrel calls are more to get them to bark and show themselves. They don't really call them. I have used the chattering kind and the squirrel whistle.
    I make the chatter with my mouth on occasion and it makes them answer sometimes so I can find them. I have tried the squirrel whistle several times and it worked really well once. The day it worked so well It drove all the squirrels on that ridge crazy. When I would shoot my 12 gauge more squirrels kept running to the ends of the limbs and chattering at me. The shotgun didn't scare them at all. I kept picking up squirrels shooting and reloading. After a few minutes I thought I better count them because I was so excited I wasn't counting as they went in my game bag. It was the most exciting squirrel hunt ever and they had responded to that Mr. Squirrel whistle.
    I thought I had a secret weapon then and tried it several times after that. It never worked at all again for me.
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    I played with a squirrel whistle a lot, in town, I could turn a squirrel inside out ! I could take it to the woods and actually never see a squirrel when using it....... strange but true.
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    Best squirrel call I ever has was a squirrel. Thats right, I actually used a squirrel...a dead one.I shot one and he hit the ground and when I picked him up I must have squeezed him or something because it barked. Not a loud bark but a soft bark. Thinking that I didnt really hear that, I intentionally squeezed him and then started a rhythm of sorts. Next thing I knew, I had a squirrel right above me going beserk. Even though he could see me he was more interested in that squirrel doing the barking and he totally ignored my existence. So, I shot him too. I tried squeezing him to see if I could use him for a call but for some reason, it did'nt work.

    So I walked a bit, saw another squirrel aways off and took a seat. I could see it plain as day but he was a little far off. Just an experiment, I set that dead squirrel on my knee and started calling with it. Sure enough, that far off squirrel started easing on over and I finally blasted it too.

    So here I was with a half limit of squirrels thinking of how easy it was to call them in. I walked a ways and in a minute spotted another. Being the sort of guy that trys different things, I wondered how close I could get to one without spooking it. I started calling with that dead squirrel while I was walking over to the other and shaking it at the same time so that it would look like his tail was flickering. It worked better than I had hoped. That squirrel that I had been eyeballing ran right towards me at full fast that I couldnt drop my call squirrel and get my trusty ole Rem1100 on it. Next thing I knew that squirrel attacked my dead squirrel call and in a panic I fired...point blank I might add.

    Hair and meat went flying everywhere and both squirrels were ruined. I wasn't worried so much about that attacking squirrel (after all I did have a 12 gauge) but it really hurt my feelings that the squirrel calling career of my favorite calling squirrel had come to such an abrubt end.

    I went home soon after, with a limit of squirrels and a new experience. Trouble is, I have yet to find another squirrel call as good as that one did.

    It's probably a good thing though...I told that story to a game warden and he told me that he ought to write me a ticket for admitting to baiting squirrels.

    Oh well...:smack:
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    I have used a quarter and a plastic comb to call squirrels, run the quarter up and down the comb. Sounds like a squirrel chewing on a nut.
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    HotGuns, that's hillarious!:fit:
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    You can't bait squirrels ?
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    I've used the Mister Squirrel call, and they do work. As the article noted, the trick is to thrash a branch around -- you can either cut a branch, or simply shake a bush. The call and the brush shaking minics a preditator taking a young squirrel.