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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Carr.45, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Carr.45

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    I am VERY new to duck hunting, only been twice actually. I am looking for a good call, the one I have been practicing with is :censored:, or so I have been informed... I want one that is a good call but not to crazy for a beginner. I was told by several people that my calling sounds really good for a beginner, with other peoples calls, but that I need to throw away the $8 flextone I got at academy. Didnt really expect an $8 call to be that great anyway.

    What do you more experienced Quack Smackers recommend? I thought about a DFB but everyone says they are extremely hard to use much less learn on.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Black OpsThe legend

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    Most people that find a cutdown keyhole like the DFB to be difficult are used to blowing a call a certain way and have to change the way they call to get the desired results, if you are new you can learn on the DFB and then it will be second nature to you......Course, I'm biased :biggrin:

  3. Coldwater

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    If you are a beginner, any new call may be difficult. Once you learn to really control your air you can pick up any call, even a cut down and learn to use them rather quickly. It's just takes practice. A cut down to me is no more difficult to learn, they just blow differently then your standard duck call.
  4. stick n string

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    I know you anxious to be blowing bouncing hens and Cajun squeals up at call shy mallards and landing them in the decoys but before you spend $140 on an RNT let me tell you that the call won't make the caller. I'm not saying don't invest in one, but don't expect it to be magical. I've landed countless mallards in my younger days with $10 Haydels and not to mention these $60 Olt cutdowns which other calls have duplicated use to be $12 calls at Wally-world in the day. Price isn't everything. Once you do have good enough skills you'll better be able to appreciate the higher quality call. And for my two cents, I've heard many mallard hens who couldn't call half as good as me. What does that tell you? Timing, cadence, and volume are more important than sound. Good luck. I'm sure the DFB is an awesome call. I blow an RNT Timbre Cocobolo and love it. Not too hard to blow and sounds awesome.
  5. call

    I agree with legend, the cutdowns have a reputation of being 'hard to blow' due mainly to the fact that you have to blow it different. They do require more air but if your willing to use the energy the cutdown is a very effective call that you can learn to blow. I personaly blow a BSOD and a Olt and love both. Legend makes a great call too in the DFB. I have blown RNT and Echo and both of them are effective as well but I wish i had learned to blow a cutdown first. It's alot easier to go from cutdown to mainstreet then from mainstreet to cutdown imo.
  6. stick n string

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    I forgot to mention I also blow an old Olt given to my by my dad 18 years ago that I cut down myself. Cant go wrong there. I plan on tryin out a DFB this year.
  7. SA44

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    I learned on a Haydel DR-85, I would recommend that one. It is easy to blow and sounds pretty good. When you decide you are going to stick with duck hunting and want to invest some $$$ in a call; get you a RNT and a DFB, I have both on my laynard:up:
  8. Carr.45

    Carr.45 Well-Known Member

    The problem is I want a good call to start with but cant really drop the dough on it right now. I plan on sticking with duck hunting, havent found a kind of hunting I dont like yet... I would LOVE to have a DFB or RNT if they are about as easy/hard to learn on, I just cant right now...:frown:
  9. grrifles

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    Go to Echo's shop in Beebe and get one from Rick Dunn. Get diamond wood with the poly insert. Very good call to start with and Rick will help you get started.
    And a DR-85 is a very good call and for 17 bucks you can't beat it.

  10. shiftymcfive01

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    nothing wrong with RNT or DFB. DFB is only call on my lanyard. I would recommend learning on one or the other and not both because as stated above, a cutdown call like the dfb takes a different approach than an RNT or echo or DC etc...

    someone had a good point though that if you learn on a cutdown before you learn on a standard call, it's not any harder initially and the transition to a standard call later is easier than learning a standard and picking up a cutdown later. (and you can get the dfb for half an acrylic RNT or echo, can you tell what call I like?)

    keep in mind there are a lot of guys on here who would spend an afternoon working with you, myself included. pm me if interested and I'll get you my cell. especially for a bowhunting contest team mate.
  11. alphamax32

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    Pick a call and learn it before trying any other call.A cutdown call such as an Olt or DFB is the call i would reccomend but i am partial to them.Like shifty said once you learn a cutdown i think you will like it and i will be glad to help you.
  12. Qwack Attack

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    Echo all the way. I learned on a 30 dollar echo call about 12 years ago and i still use the same call today. But if ur lookin for a good timber call get u a cocobolo timber with a poly insert. U cant beat it
  13. Bryan Manning

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    This would be my answer. I am sure the DFB is a great call but I have been blowing echo ever since I started so it's the only one I know. First one I had I think cost like $25 and I moved up from there. Rich is a great guy and if you stop in his shop he'll help you any way he can.:thumb:
  14. shotgun wg

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    Try a j-frame quackhead by rnt. Not hard to blow only 20 bucks
  15. BDW

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    As far as ease of use and the ability to sound like a duck, you can't beat a DR-85 Haydel.
  16. slug slinger

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  17. grassduck

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    DR-85 is what I learned on. If you are taking the call in field when first starting, this is that call to go with. If you have hunting partners that call, then go with a single reed or cutdown and keep it at home when you hunt until you have mastered it. The best learning I did was with my good friend. He would call, and I would try and copy him. He would also turn the call around backwards and blow to let me hear what it sounds like coming out of his mouth.

    This time of year all you need are a few quacks and feeding chuckles. Ducks are starting to get call shy.
  18. Smack

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    RNT HUNTER SERIES OR DFB:up: both under 100
  19. Carr.45

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    Thanks for all the advise guys. Guess I gotta make a decison now...