Call of duty (Black Ops) Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by bjadventures, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. bjadventures

    bjadventures Well-Known Member

    I have call of duty black ops for sale or trade. I would like to get $50 obo or trade for climbing stand, I might trade with some cash also. Works great
  2. Vetrock

    Vetrock Well-Known Member

    If you have the case, manual, and it is a 2010 then I'll offer $25 shipped. Thats all i can do though.

  3. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    What did you think about the game? My wife got it for me (Wii version) for Christmas. It's pretty sweet. The last CoD I played was CoD II. Been a while!
  4. bjadventures

    bjadventures Well-Known Member

    I will sell it for $40 you pay the shipping. I didnt like the game so well but i still play COD modern warfare 2. The best game ever
  5. Hip

    Hip Well-Known Member

    black ops sucks compared to modern warfare.
  6. machurtado

    machurtado Well-Known Member

    I'll offer $35 shipped
  7. bjadventures

    bjadventures Well-Known Member

    Game is sold... Thank you