Cache river WMA

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  1. Hey guys, don't hunt much in this area but some friends hunted yesterday and killed 51 (mostly greys and mallards). Just letting anyone know that may be in the area and want to check it out. Good luck.
    PS. You won't have it to yourself but that's anything public that has birds. Be safe with the boat races ha.
  2. ARTom81

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    I had the same, some friends went up round cotton plant area on the cache, and killed a load of mallards, a few gadwall and greenwings. Looked like a good hunt, just not a drive I will make.

  3. silentassassin

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    Couple of my buddies hammered them over there yesterday too! I haven't talked to them today yet but I'm sure I will get a report by days end.
  4. No-till Boss

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    I was in Stuttgart Monday and Tuesday and every reservoir was loaded with Mallards. Mack's was packed also, must be plenty of ducks around that area also.
  5. webbtoes

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    Ain t killed :censored: north end of the cache. Must all be south. Tired of water and ready for deer season to open back up:up:
  6. hogfan x

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    South end is not so great either. We killed 3 this morning. By looking at the boat landings, somebody has misled some folks. I have never seen so many hunters. If they are killing many near me, they are shooting with silencers :head:
  7. Carr.45

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    We went this morning. There were atleast 30 trucks with trailers at the ramp. We saw a few good groups but they didn't want to work us. We didn't hear near enough shooting for the number of folks there for anybody to have done any good... out of the six guys we talked to at the ramp on the way out only one had killed a duck and one guy got a squirrel.
  8. greggdonna

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    Ducks left the cache yesterday and
    Have move to Augusta bald knob area. Thick
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    Carr- which ramp did you go too?
  10. 4hunting

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    Man you got that right, someone has sure spread some false info that has alot of folks looking for something that is not here in any numbers. For the numbers of hunters that showed, if there were any amount of birds at all there should be some shooting somewhere, but that is not the case. IMO I think someone might be laying a false track for the internet scouts to follow in hopes they will bite. All one has to do is look at the other threads where they are posting photo's of big kills, their locations & do a little 1+1 and figure out pretty fast it is not the river bottoms where they be!
  11. wrong..
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    are you serious with this post? i bet you probably hunt the metro.....nice try though! heck, i live on the cache river during duck season and even i am hunting else where right now!!
  13. alphamax32

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    And it is not a WMA..... Its a NWR if im not mistaken...
  14. Cache man are u that big of a douche? Well guess that pretty obvious but I was just posting what I was told.
  15. Carr.45

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  16. swampdonkey01

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    Really, speaking of douche let's get on the internet and broad cast were your buddy killed a bunch of ducks at, bet he appreciate's that, hey by the way where's all the big deer at right now, just thought I'd ask!
  17. MallardMayhem

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    I as well as many of the avid duck hunters on here spend way too much time scouting, time hunting, and money for one of our "buddies" to spill the beans, not to a person at the gas station but an array of waterfowlers on a waterfowl forum in the HEART of duck country. I would be freakin furious if one of my friends leaked something like that out! And I'm a pretty laid back guy.
  18. hogfan x

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    We got checked by the wardens Sunday morning. Our group had killed 5. They told us we had more ducks than anyone they had checked. So if this is where all the ducks are, its gonna be a sad season. We need a push of new ducks. Way too much water for the amount of ducks we have in the area I hunt.
  19. cache man

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    i figured you had to hunt a different wma or nwr. i didnt think anyone was dumb enough to get on the internet and post something like that in seriousness. obviously i was mistaken, and if i were one of your buddy's and really killed the birds you mentioned i would kick you right square in the nuts for posting this crap!!!!
  20. Double Beard

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    I dont know where you are hunting from Clarendon but my truck was there and we came out with 40 and that is where the 10 man limit came from. If we would not have had the fog we would have been done earlier than 1030