Cache River is a circus

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    Hunted Cache yesterday. Got to a very popular hole on the river early. We were the first group in line. About an hour before shooting time some guys come in and set up within 60 yards of us on the up wind side of our spread. I could literally see them standing on the edge of the river from where we were. To make matters worse, these weren't some college kids off for Christmas vacation... These were 40+ year old men that should have known better!! I just don't understand what motivates someone to do this, especially considering how few birds there are down there. We might have heard 3 descent volleys all morning. There were 25 trucks in the parking lot on a Monday...Saturday is going to be a freaking mad house! No water in the woods so everyone will basically be restricted to the river. I guess I will just start showing up at 5 and being one of the A-holes that squeezes in between to groups so it looks like one continuous decoy spread!!! On second thought, I might just go back to bow hunting.
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