C02 Bottle 25lb Steel WIRE WELDING 60.00

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by itsaheartshot, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. itsaheartshot

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    co2 bottle no gauges great for wire welding 25lb bottle asking $60.00 or open trade.If you have never used c02 your spending to much money Last twice as long.I bought this for a spare and I don't weld as much so it going.I can put up a picture if you need.
  2. daverhonda73

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    Can it be refilled? Do you ever come toward northeast ar?

  3. ol bucky

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    Do you have a tittle for the bottle? I know a guy that is interested and he wanted me to ask. Thanks
  4. itsaheartshot

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  5. itsaheartshot

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    I Dont have a title on any of my bottles.I will right you a bill of sale.I can get it filled.it will need inspected,new date coded($5.00)Its an old coca cola bottle.Ive never had a problem Using AWI Company .Some of the other just want to rent you one.Thats so they can sell you gas.C02 is clasiffied as non flamable.If you know some one that buys from a dealer just get them to fill it up.Most all company will fill a c02 for a new guy.Go to AWI BENTON,HOTSPRINGS There May be one in LR.