Buying a mt. feist

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by nikjames, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. nikjames

    nikjames Well-Known Member

    I am not sure which line I want. I am considering a mullins feist, atomic feist out of "all that jazz" kennels, and a galla creek feist. I have never trained a squirrel dog before, only bought a finished one. I want to get one from a pup and train it myself, so it will be "my" dog, not one that has been sold and sold again if you know what I mean. Any insight would be great.

    Thanks, Nick
  2. gunslinger66

    gunslinger66 Well-Known Member

    Call Todd Coles in Bethesda AR his booster bred brindle first are thebest I ever owned.

  3. Emt22031

    Emt22031 Well-Known Member

    I hear the barger fiest are pretty awesome to.
  4. kknight

    kknight Well-Known Member

    My hunting buddy is going to have a litter of Mullins Fiest in about 3 weeks. They are from Jody Mullins stock of dogs. The Mother and Dad are super good squirrel dogs. His name is Gerald Minnie in Ola, Ark. phone number is 479-495-1357.
  5. nikjames

    nikjames Well-Known Member

    Do you have a number for Todd Coles? Will be calling Gerald too. Thanks guys.
  6. atlocustbayou

    atlocustbayou Well-Known Member

    Just go straight to the man, call Jody Mullins 870-574-0963.
  7. BIG JIM

    BIG JIM Select Member<br>Ol Eagle Eye

    I just talked to Larry at Galla Creek a couple days ago and he said he didn't have any pups right now and didn't have any gyps bred either.
  8. nikjames

    nikjames Well-Known Member

    Thanks Big Jim. Just talked to Gerald Minnie, hopefully got something lined up. Thanks to all that responded.

  9. Sqrlhuntr!

    Sqrlhuntr! Well-Known Member

    Each of the feist you named are all good lines. White Oak kennels, goodtimemountain feist, grays mountain feist, circle kennel also have excellent blood line dogs as well. A good bloodline is a great start, these pups at six weeks are gonna be around $250. You may also have to drive a ways to for these. If you wanted to stay around Arkansas I would go with one that the guys mentioned earlier. I know Larry Renfroe, good guy, also has good dogs. I know a guy around Donaldson who breeds Bargers. I believe he said me may have some in a month or so, I can get you his number if you havent found one by then. A barger will be a lil bigger than a feist.
  10. nikjames

    nikjames Well-Known Member

    Awesome..Thanks, pm me his number..i am considering everything. I wont be home until may as i am currently deployed overseas and will be home then...cant do anything until then im shopping around and getting ideas. countin down the days.
  11. RC

    RC Well-Known Member

    Have you got your feist pup yet?