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Hey guys and gals; Hope everyone had a great opening couple of days. I sure did. Have any of you been seeing a large quanity of button bucks this year? I just spent 3 days up in the tree and counted 18 button bucks. And I'm sure not all of them were the same little guy....:)Sure had a great crop of babies this season!!! In a few years that place is going to be loaded with nice bucks if it holds true that must deer live within a mile or less of where they were born. Hope yall brought your full headnets and gloves with ya cause the damn no see ums and mosquitoes would have picked me up and carried me away without them. Man were they bad. I still got bit 3 dozen times through my No Trace shirt (which I thought was working like a champ till the next morning when I had tons of little red bumps that are itching like the dickens). I saw at least 15 does but not one single animal that had any horns on it. When I go back after the weekend I'm going to bring my 3 Buck Hustler scent vaporizers and see if I can't get ole mossey horn to come out and play. Anyway, it sure was great getting back up there 30 foot in the tree and watching mother natcher at work again. This is going to be a great season. Good luck to you all!!!
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