Busted!!! When the dominant Doe busts you it's all over.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by willcfish, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I had this same thang happen to me last year in late dec. idk if it's our silhouette in the bare trees or what, but out of the five, the ole doe pegged me from the start! Never blew but was real fidgety wile the rest fed in the plot, after a little while they ambled on off but returned just before dark. Thinking a buck might have joined in I stood an was ready well before they got back in the plot, but the ole doe repeated the same dance from the same spot as earlier. With lite about gone and no buck in sight with the turn of her head my muzzy let her air out!!! For me and OLD doe is just as good trophy as a descent buck!!!

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    When that happens my killometer maxes out. She stuck around way to long not whacked.
  4. Arkansas Archer

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    Yep just watched it again, she would have died....:)
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    Nice video. Ive been there so many times.
  6. I have had that happen to me and I hunted that doe for almost 2 months before I got her when she wasn't looking. I love letting the air outta a good ol mature doe.
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    Must've forgot your evercalm..:cool:
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    My evercalm didn't do me any good this evening...I had one old doe that walked up to 20 yards and would have got shot if she woulda taken one more step but she busted me first....first time in 5 years I've been busted. She was the biggest doe I've ever seen in my life.
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    I think a mature doe is one of the toughest hunts in the woods. They're always on and have virtually no weaknesses. Young deer are inexperienced and easy to shoot. An old, wise buck will often be nocturnal or stay in the thick stuff and never show himself. But at least the rut lowers his caution level. Even the smartest buck can lose his mind over a hot doe and expose himself for a shot. But an old, experienced doe is always on the alert. Nose, ears, eyes, always searching. They spot movement, silhouettes, changes in their habitat (like the sudden appearance of a blind or a stand), and they don't get stupid in the rut like the bucks do. A few errant molecules of human scent will make them circle and sniff and stamp until they bust you. The sligtest suspicion will make them launch out and leave a dumb fawn behind. They're just generally a challenging animal to hunt. An example: I was hunting an oak flat with a lot of buck sign early this year. The deer were coming in parades to one particular but tree there was no place to set up a stand. It was too thick to get up high. I tried a pop up blind and scared the heck out of them. Finally I just sat on the ground against a big tree and held as still as possible while deer came in shifts, twos and threes and fives at a time. The closest came within four feet of me and the farthest I could see them was about 25 yards. I had to be absolutely still for hours, in close proximity to multiple deer. It was tough, stressful hunting. I waited for the buck as long as I could stand it but finally had an old, smart doe and last year's fawn at 16 yards. I decided to shoot the doe. It was during the modern gun doe season so I had a 1911 and a bow. I managed to get the 1911 up, cocked and aimed while she was behind a tree. It looked too easy and I decided I wanted to shoot her with the bow. I switched when she went back behind the tree. When she came out I had the bow drawn and pin settled, but needed to shift two inches for the best shot placement. She had her head down eating acorns and was totally unaware of me. I shifted two inches and she caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and lauched out of there like a Saturn rocket. Never raised her head, never blew, didn't stop in two jumps and look back to see what the problem was, she was just gone, out of sight and hearing at full throttle. The yearling just looked around puzzled, then trotted after her. That one little thing out of place in her living room made all the difference. Two inches of movement. A adult doe is a trophy animal to me.
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    We had some small deer come out in the field this year and looked at our blind, but didn't spook. They looked it over good, but would quickly start feeding again. A couple of different times, one of the big dominant does would stare a hole through us, knowing something wasn't right. It happened 2-3 times, probably the same old doe each time. On the youth hunt there were two young bucks chasing does all over the pasture and this old doe kept snorting at us, not sure if she ever smelled us, but she had the other deer fired up. I asked my daughter 2-3 times if she wanted to shoot her, she passed, hoping those bucks would come closer.
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    Where I hunt you can't take a doe in modern gun. I can spot this doe out from a mile away and she bust's me every year. The times I can shoot a doe she never show's her face. This will be the 3rd or 4th season she has busted me. All of the others they never notice us.

    Haha.... there is 2 of us after that b:censored:
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    We have a lot of mature does on our lease and I was getting busted pretty regular untill I started keeping my coveralls vest and hat in a trash bag full of pine branches. Not saying its a cureall but its working for me
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    LOL, mine too! The last few that did that to me got a splitting headache.
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    I agree with you. If I could get the dominant doe past me when bowhunting I knew there would be a good chance at getting the buck. I've had does spot me from across the valley and sit there all evening whistling warnings to the others. It got so bad I would just move to another area if I heard the calls.