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Hadnt got to go as much as I usually do this year, but had a little free time Saturday afternoon. I got in the stand about 345 or so. It was quiet until 5 when I seen my 1st group of 3. They never got close enough, and just as I was fixing to leave and a group of 4 started to come in at 520, just before dark. One got broadside and I sent the Muzzy 3 blade 125 right threw thw lungs. She went about 25-30 yards, stood still for about 10 seconds, and went down. Tenderloin and roast this week, jerky and sausage next. Didnt get a buck this year but it was the 6th year in a row I got my limit with the crossbow.:up:

Had another awesome year in gods woods with him....ready for September the 15th again......
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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