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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by dayton, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. dayton

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    I have a bushnell camera and i used it over the summer and it worked great. Now when i use it im not getting pictures. Iv tried to take pictures of just me to see if it will work and it takes the picture but doesnt save it. I have deleted all the pictures off my cards and when i open my camera it says 5860 and wont take a picture? I know nothing about these things. Can anyone help?:confused::confused:
  2. what size card is it? if i recall from the book, the trophy cam can only handle up to a certain size card,

  3. dayton

    dayton Well-Known Member

    the card is a 2gb its the same cards i used over the summer
  4. if it will let you re-format the card with the format option on the camera (not your PC), that would be next guess or try a different card. they have a two year warranty, so may just have to send it in.

    short term option would be to check chasingame.com and make a post in thier forum to see if someone can assist or has had a similar problem
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    ok thank you so much:biggrin:
  6. dayton

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    The camera now is saying slp then goes blank then it will take a picture and not save it.:mad::mad::mad:
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    Worst case scenario... Send it back to Bushnell if it's still under warranty. I've sent a couple in to them. Their customer service is super slow but they will typically replace it. It may take a couple months but you'll be ready for next season.
  8. Reddawg01

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    SD Card

    If your using a SanDisk card, there is a little slide switch on the side. It needs to be in the down position (toward the end that inserts). I learned this the hard way, but now getting plenty of pics. Also, the batteries may not have enough to function. Also learned this the hard way. Had enough power to turn on, but not capture any photos.
  9. Stringpopper

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    My cuddeback is doin the same thing. Sometimes it will take a picture but one night I watched it flash at least 50 times at the feeder and left it out 2 more days then went and got the card and had 11 pictures. Called cuddeback and they wanted me to send it and 110$ to just send me a refurbished camera. I think I'll stake my 110 and put it in a deferrent kind of cam. This is the second time I have had the "upgrade" as they call it.
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    I need to get another camera, just wondering what everyone's favorite is?
  11. born2hunt

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    That would be my advice. I've had lots of bad experience with Cuddeback.
  12. born2hunt

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    I've had several Cuddebacks, a couple of Moultries and a Bushnell. If I were to buy another one today and couldn't afford a Reconx, I'd buy a Bushnell.
  13. caddoboy

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    I've had a few cuddebacks and the quality seemed to get worse. I got one reconyx for a year now. works great, just not sure I can afford another one, and there are several cheap ones now and was kind of hoping some may actually work.
  14. menobuks

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    Had continual problems with the cuddeback excite, now i have 4 captures, 2 going on 2 years with no problems. I have 2 wildview 1.3 megapixels ($99.00) for both i have had for 5 yrs. with no problems. You have to set them up close to a feeder to get the pics. But mine have been dependable!