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  1. jjarvis0007

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    After the incidents today and the President speaking about dropping the fiscal cliff and going more after gun control. Where would be the best place to pick up bulk ammo?

    I take it any ammo is better then none in most cases. So target rounds would suffice if need be when SHTF?

    Maybe I'm going way overboard here but I bet you there is gonna be something major that happens real soon. Whether it be ammo, mags, or firearms in general. Where would you go to purchase mass amounts of ammo to stockpile if you did not reload?

  2. bogie

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    Another for natchez.
  3. Passthrough

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    If SHTF, I'm just gonna go hide out in Mr. C's attic
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    :clap: :flag:
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    sportsmans guide
    join the club and get 5% off ammo
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    NE Ark
    I gots 3 22 shorts and a couple of corroded 410 shells. :thumb:
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    dont mean to offend but you are more than 4 yr behind