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    After an extremely slow weekend two weeks ago, I finally got to see some deer movement this last weekend. I was hunting my family land in Holly Springs and the bucks were chasing does. First thing Sunday morning I had a deer come into the bottom of my longest shooting lane at about 120 yards downhill. I immediately saw a big white flash on his head and was prepared to see a nice rack. I raised my gun and scoped him out. It turned out to be a young buck with something stuck in his antlers. He was moving through quickly with his nose to the ground so I grunted at him as he slipped off into the thicket. A couple of minutes later I heard some movement behind me and I knew it would be him so I got out my iPhone to take some video of him. He was definitely looking for some action and wanted to see what was grunting at him. In the video you can see whatever was stuck on his head was also wrapped around his back right foot. Hopefully the video will work.

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    Can someone inform me on how to embed the photobucket video?
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    Use the image tag like you would with a picture.

    Looks like if you wanted to shoot him you would have been out of luck unless he moved out from behind that tree after the video.
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    I will have to try the image tag again. I did have several available shots at the deer. I had a shot when I first saw him but I determined that he was not a shooter. He might have been a four point. I can't remember if he had brow tines. In the other video I took he did move from behind the tree and slipped off into the thicket. In that one I used the primos bleat can to see how he would react.