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  1. I just downloaded the buckscore program. I am NOT a computer person so it took me a few minutes to get it figured out. It was a lot simpler than what I thought it would be. It works pretty good actually. I scored an old pic of a kansas deer my cousin killed three years ago and had it put in P&Y. The score was only 2.5 inches off. I am rather inpressed with it, especially for $10. I have NEVER been good at judging the score of a deer. So I thought it would be a good investment for me :biggrin:
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    That looks like a pretty sweet program, I think I'll have to get that.

    Thanks for posting some useful info on the hunting forum instead of retarded threads bashing fellow hunters.

  3. I dont do the bashing thing. I'm with you. We are all hunters we should stick together.

    If you go to www.buckscore.com you can read a little about how it works. I seen an article in the February is of "Bowhunting" magazine. It described how it worked and how to get it in GREAT detail. In all honesty you can learn more about the program in the magazine than you can on the webpage. It is a pretty cool toy to play with when your board too.

    If anyone has in questions, I can also TRY and answer them.
  4. I scored 10 different bucks last night. I am all kinds of happy with this program. For those of you that do QDM this is a great tool. I just got it to have a little fun with. But it could be used as a QDM. And there is an update scheduled to come out soon for it that will give you the age of the deer, even does.