Buck 110 Abominations

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by JR1, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Luv2hunt

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    I carried a kbar in the marines and loved it. Chopping, cutting didn’t matter. Held an edge and easily sharpened. I’ve always carried a buck 112. I do have the lite version of the 110 I bought in the early 90s and love it too.
    I am partial to buck Knives I collect them. Can’t beat the lifetime warranty, I’ve only had to use it once and they were awesome.
  2. curdog1

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    Prove it

  3. southARbuck

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    Probably uses those replacement blades from Outdoor Edge...
  4. Chasegal88

    Chasegal88 Well-Known Member

    Them outdoor edge blades are pretty dang good...
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  5. southARbuck

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    Not going to lie, I've got one. They are sharp as all get out but not made to use as an "all purpose" knife.
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  6. Chasegal88

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    Neither are buck 110’s
  7. southARbuck

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    Guess the " " wasn't good enough. Just comparing the two, after all this is a Buck 110 thread.
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  9. JB Weld

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    I have 3 buck knives: one is a 3 blade folder, then I have a 2 blade folder with saw/gut hook (I actually use that one) . It is all metal and camo, I have an older one that is the smaller version of the 110 (wooden scales with nickel bolsters). It is pretty comfy in the pocket for a Sunday Knife. Is it the 112?

    I also have a Puma Gentleman II that I use occasionally. It is a nice knife that holds a good sharp edge. It is kind of pretty but heavy in the pocket. Belt pouch needed. I will see if I can post a picture.
  10. No-till Boss

    No-till Boss Well-Known Member

    Exactly, only $50 bucks for a ‘vintage’ knife pretty much confirms that..... not looking for mine now.
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  11. curdog1

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    I have a havalon piranha replacement blade knife. They are extremely sharp! The only thing I don’t like about them is they’re to flimsy.
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  12. nimrod389

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    Hope you can't find it
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  14. nimrod389

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    Sorry No-till . Truth is I thought I was responding to tmerridith . My apologies. I hope you find it first place you look
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  16. dspeakes

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    21HdQDi1NEL.jpg Curdog - This is what your 110 look like, right?
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  17. Vern Humphrey

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    If you like good knives, and you're ever in Mountain View, stop by the Ironworks on the square. They keep a good stock of handmade Damascus knives at a good price.
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  18. No-till Boss

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    That is hilarious brother.....
  19. Ryan Crow

    Ryan Crow Well-Known Member

    They have never made a good buck knife. If you want a good knife spend the money on a case knife.
  20. Arkie_3_fan

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    Pretty sure KKR would agree with you on that.
    Guess that is why he used my Buck knife to pry paneling nails out of the wall!
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