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Browning BLR 22

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I need some help.....

I have a BLR 22 located that is in great shape. 95+ % blueing .... only a few light stock marks, and the worst issue being a warn barrel strap... it looks silver shiny on part of it.... I am trying to determine the value to buy it. It is mechanically perfect.... I am supposed to check on it tomorrow , and there are no prices showing on the two on Gunbroker...


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Seems like they retail for ~$500. If he hasn't quoted you a price, and you are looking to make an offer, you might start ~$300 or so, give or take what you feel is fair for the gun. GunsAmerica has one listed "as new, no box" for $450.
Thanks MR. C .... they are wanting 325 for it on the tag .... I was thinking about 275 maybe.... But I have been wanting one, and cant afford new right now...

If you point out the "flaws", and flash the ca$h, they might jump all over it. They might decide that the $$ in hand sure beats the gun sitting on the shelf another few months.
Data from 2004 Gun Traders Guide:
Grade 1.....NIB $335, EX $201, GD $134
Grade 2.....NIB $360, EX $232, GD $165
Walnut straight-grip stock and forearm, Made 1970 to date by Miroku.

Great rifle to train the grandkids with.

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I appreciate the info..... thanks

I don't know what it is about those little rifles, but I sure do love 'em.

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