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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Matt_W, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Matt_W

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    I've searched the old posts, but couldn't find one to answer my question. How fast, as in arrow speed, can the average person shoot a fixed blade and still be accurate? Due to the speed, and greater turbulence from wind due to the blades the fixed blade will want to plane and affect accuracy.

    DODGEMAN Well-Known Member

    Matt I think it depends on the broadhead.

    I'm sure there are some guys out there shooting fixed blade heads at 300 fps.

    I used to shoot a littel Rocket ultimate steel broadhead and it would fly really good.

  3. dartonmav60

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    With todays technologie with arrows,broadheads and such,the skys the limit.A'm now shooting fob's,talk about stablizing an arrow,these things work.I'll never flech another arrow.
  4. JR1

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    I don't know that there is a "limit." Proper tuning, well made broadheads, and you can shoot with anyone shooting expandables.

    For what it is worth, I am shooting fixex blades (SlickTricks) at around 280.
  5. possum

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    The fastest I've shot a fixed blade accurately is 294 (Montec G5). Speed and accuracy with today's technology will often be limited by the operator but that's just my opinion.
  6. I shoot 2 blade Bear Razor (100 gr.) from my Trykon @ 261 fps
    I beleive Jeff is right, depends on the BH, tuning, vanes & arrows.
  7. DrakeTaker

    DrakeTaker Well-Known Member

    I agree with JR1.. Expandable heads just mask poor bow tuning..... Bare shaft tune first then set up your arrows with heads and fletchings....
  8. Matt_W

    Matt_W Well-Known Member

    Several of the guys I hunt with have shot 3D and are skeptical of fixed blades at high speed. I shoot them, and my misses are my fault. I plan to get a new bow, and worry about the increase in speed affecting accuracy and causing planing.
  9. Pro Hunter

    Pro Hunter Well-Known Member

    I shot the Rocket Ulitamate Steel broad heads out of my bowtech alligance at 298 and my bowtech tribute at 303 and put them a 3 inch group at 60 yards but I shot 3-d also I belive their right its not only the equitment its also the shooter.
  10. ozark outdoorsman

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    One of my Archery Books, says anything over 275fps and a fixed blade won't fly true, but I personally disagree with that. From what I've seen, I'd say it probably would be well over 300fps, for most setups. In other words, faster than most of us shoot, IMO.
  11. Gford

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    No speed lmit with all the new technology ! Let em Rip !

    I have seen Motecs, Slick tricks, Sonics, Steelforce, Shot well above the 300 mark. Just depends on tuning, arrows, fletching, etc.

    Alot of broadheads even Mechanicals will not impact the same place as your field tips. This does not mean the broadhead is not accurate, a broadhead can change the aspect of the arrow. The weight of the BH may be differently distubuted than a field tip.
  12. SR4

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    I shot Thunderheads for years, bought a bow that shoots 298 and couldnt get 'em to fly. They wouldnt group at all. I'm sure there are heads out there will work fine. I switched to Spitfires and they fly great! Like 'em better than fixed blades. JMO!!
  13. Tuning, tuning & fine tuning.......a well tuned bow will not cause difficulty with fixed blade broadheads.
  14. Loc-on

    Loc-on Well-Known Member

    I shot 296 with slick tricks. If you tune you bow properly you can shoot fixed blades out of any of todays bows.
  15. hogman

    hogman Well-Known Member

    I am shooting 3 blade 100 gr Muzzy at 312 fps out of my X Force 7

    70 lbs 30"

    I am the proverbial "average person":thumb: