Brinkley Meeting

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    The Brinkley meeting was uneventful for the most part. Only about 12-15 people there. The ADHA was mentioned as a group that is willing to work with the AGFC. Go ADHA! Concern was expressed about the management of the deer herd at Wattensaw. There was opposition to having the gun hunt after Thanksgiving. According to one speaker, 70% of the deer killed during the hunt were bucks. Also mentioned was the declining number of food plots at Wattensaw, however no mention was made of the one put in by ADHA members. Also mentioned about Wattensaw was the increase in squirrel and rabbit hunters and the increased amount of enforcement that has been observed. A gentleman from Holly Grove requested that the water level to close the flood prone region around him be lowered. Another guy from Haynes suggested that muzzleloader season be removed from October and added in January. According to him, it's too hot to hunt in October. Also presented was an overview of the deer management program. An increase in educating the public about deer management and an increase in the cooperation of the G&F with the public was also mentioned. Some were concerned that their input at this time last year had been ignored. All in all, it was a good meeting.

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    Sounds like yall had a good meeting Larry.

    I was at the Jonesboro meeting and 50 or 60 hunters were there and the meeting went the same way with several folks from zone 3 wanting to shoot some does?

    The ADHA was also mention at our meeting, and the youth camp the ADHA and the Game and Fish will be doing together in June. Glad to hear the ADHA was brought up at yalls meeting as well. Thanks :thumb: