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    i have heard several things on breeding gyps should i wait till the second time she comes in or is it safe to do it the first time.
    dont want to mess her up and what about line breeding:head:
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    I like to wait until I know the dog is going to do what I want them to do. So maybe the 3rd or 4th cycle. I don't think it's good to let them have pups on the first cycle. She's just not mature enough to handle pups well. The last thing we need is more pups from unproven hunting dogs and what we do need is more pups from proven ones.

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    line breeding

    Line breeding can be a great thing or a total disaster. Good dog men have great success with it. It will give you the good traits but also the bad ones will be magnified.
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    alright i will wait to see just what kind of dog she will be and on the line breeding i am just not sure
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    I will echo firehunters sentiments/advice on both his posts. I assume your talking about hunting dogs and you need to know that your gyp is worthy of breeding before you start raising pups. Even when breeding two outstanding individuals most of the offspring will not live up to their parents abilities. And, I would advise against linebreeding if you have little experience with it. There is both a fine line and a world of difference between linebreeding and inbreeding and if you haven't done your homework it can turn out very bad.
  6. NEVER on first heat! And the only difference in line breeding and inbreeding is line breeding is when it works and inbreeding is when it doesn't!
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    x2 100%
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    When you choose to breed the dog the thing to keep in mind is the best way to reproduce like traits is to breed thebest two individuals you can find that are close kin. If you breed two dogs that are a complete outcross you might get some good pups, if you inbreed two dogs that are average you might get some good pups. But if you breed to close kin dogs that are outstanding dogs and have the same outstanding characteristics your chances are greatly improved.
  10. I agree about 25% with this. 75% of the time it depends on who gets the dog. I will never agian sell a litter of pups. You end up with weekend warrior hunters with deep pockets pulling down the driveway or a teenager with daddys money leaving with one. And then 6 months down the road you call to check up on them and they haven't even had them out the pen or off the chain. And they want to bad mouth the dog. Id rather give a good blooded pup to a kid with no money that would hunt the hell out of a dog. Or someone I know that will hunt it consistantly.

    just MY OPINION on it.
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    I have had experience line breeding horses my grandfather always handled the dogs i just started wanting to get back to the way he had things going. but it has been over 8 years since he stopped and 5 since he died just needed some good sound advice and not the well i think you should from folks around here.
  12. Tman, I've been known to give my honest opinion before... If you need anything you can call me.. Bo 870-723-2682
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    Anytime you breed dogs it is an experiment in my opinion,we all have high expectations and some crosses never quite live up to those expectations.
    There is a lot to be said about who ends up with the pups.If they don't get exposed to the elements of hunting the best pup born will not make a coondog.
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    YUP I agree 100%. I hate it when somebody bad mouths a good hound just because they never had the dog out in the woods. and thats just my OPINION.