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    Breaking news from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. It seems the blackbirds that fell from the sky were actually dropped by Razorback receivers!!
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    Word has it they are still in New Orleans. Turns out they could not catch a plane, either.

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    Yup, the same razorbacks that went 10-3 and lead the school to its first ever BCS bid. :smack:
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    My wife might be right and I'm just a grump :censored: today, but some crap gets a hurry.
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    X 2 possum
  7. Did yall hear? Most of the Razorback receivers are still in New Orleans. Seems like they couldn't even catch their flight home. :hide:
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    Thread killer... :fit:
  9. Dang, Newton beat me to the punchline. So true though ain't it? :smack:
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    lol thats a good one GO HOGS:up::up: