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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by bp_lee24, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. bp_lee24

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    i got a choke tube that i cant break loose, its a mossburg 935, any ideas... and no i cant afford a frilly italian gun... the ol mossburg shoots just fine
  2. No-till Boss

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    Soak it over night in pb blaster penetrating oil. If that don't work take easy out extractor tool that just fits you coke ans twist it out.

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    i (er....somebody :whistle:) misplaced my choke wrenches once, and I couldn't get one to budge. went outside and fired 5 rounds threw the gun and immediately tried again. Came out nice and easy. Might not work for ya, but it did for me. I now ensure all my wrenches are in a special box with all my chokes.
  4. EVAN

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    I would also recommend the PB Blaster. Put some Blaster in a small cup and prop the gun up in the corner with the end of the barrel down in the cup. Let it sit overnight and this should break it loose if it is rusted up.
    I have also used a small piece of pipe as a cheater bar on my choke wrench... this will help you put a little more torque on it to break it loose.
  5. LGustin

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    I recently bought a used shotgun that had a tube stuck. It appeared that the tube had worked itself loose and the previous owner kept shooting, consequently driving plastic wad fragments under the tube. I had to have a gunsmith cut the tube out and re-thread the barrel. I used Gobbler Guns (Rob Roberts) here in Arkansas. It was not cheap to get it fixed but it was my only alternative.
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    This may could go without saying, but just in case don't put it in a styrofoam cup pb will eat right through it.
  7. webbtoes

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    Do this and then go fire it 5 times fast to heat up the barrel. Take your wrench, or if you don t have one a quarter/washers and vice grips do wonders and start turning.
  8. Take a hacksaw and cut off 2"! That'll work everytime!:up:
  9. Whiskey River

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    Soak it like mentioned, if that doesn't work heat it up by shooting it, or I once used a hair dryer, and have also used an easy out.

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    Had one hung last year - took ti to Gander they took a torch to it heated it up and tried let it cool down and tried again
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    What is pb blaster and where do you get it??
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    Its a spray solvent. You can get it almost anywhere (walmart, part stores, i have even seen it at the dollar store).